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Solarcompany - company presentation

We want to build a green energy world

Kristof Hasevoets

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Solarcompany - company presentation

Solarcompany ..and the sky is the limit Solarcompany's
Mission statement By using sustainable - and especially safe - energy, we at Solarcompany want to go a step further towards a green energy world.

For generations to come we will be able to provide each other with green energy coming from one of the most powerful sources in the universe. Solarcompany, hand in hand with its customers, searches for the most adequate solution, in order to jointly achieve a lasting result. We want to build a green energy world 2001
It all started with a small 2 kWp installation 2011
Focus on Flanders
Rapid expansion of the company
Introduction of special PV designs such as E-tree, BIPV

Phototherm module
Partnership in South Africa
Partnership in Poland
Partnership with Bhelle-solar 2013
installation of 20 MWp in South-Africa Lets go back in time.. 1556 hours of engineering - 66.666 solar modules - 20 hectares surface - 2 company's Solarcompany in numbers Total installed capacity of 41.167.430 Wp in the period 2010 - 2013 All green renawable energy power Turnover 2009 - 2011 € 1.260.390.871,00 Solarcompany draws all customer requirements into the draft concept and ensures that all needs and provisions are met. In order to achieve an optimal result, the customer will be the pivotal point in the draft phase, but never without leaving the economic and energy aspects out of sight for a single moment. Both residential and industrial projects, as well as power plants, are no unknown territories for us since a long time.

The E-tree and the Solartube are just a few of those exceptionally beautiful gems that are proof that Solarcompany not only aims at a high output, but also pays a lot of attention to application possibilities and aesthetics. Are you impressed ? 2005
A few residential installations followed

Registration of V&R Electrics , later to become Solarcompany
Solarcompany wins first joint purchase organised
Special PV contruction of 300 kWp
Installation of first solar park in Benelux 1,3 MWp 2008
Solar park 2MWp 2009
New division: solar thermal heating, heatpumps, ventilation
Construction of new passive office building (1/3 regular office building)
Several large projects and special construction >8 MWp

Cooperation with SolarLab, specialized in thermographic and output measurements
Start engineering and developing team Realizations Trendpower Solarcompany The word "quality" We have everything to make the world green..
Young, motivated engineers and product developers in Belgium
Photovoltaic solar power modules
Building Integrated Photovoltaic modules
Phototherm modules
Quick in-roof installation
Production line in China with enormous capacity By using the word “quality” as a basis from draft to execution, we are able to guarantee you a smooth installation.

Continuous quality control throughout the whole process.

Same suppliers for several years, but even so, we carry out extra checks on purchased materials.

By putting the customer in first place during the draft phase, the former obviously gets an insight of his own needs and can therefore co-decide on the materials to be used. Solarcompany is convinced that by searching for solutions together with the customer, a far more efficient result will be obtained.

Remote monitoring – Thermography Photovoltaic modules Phototherm modules BIPV Building integrated photovoltaic modules

Everything.. but really .. everything is possible We engineer We create We test and we build Solarcompany is very proud of its achievements. Among others, it installed the first large solar park of the BeNeLux, with an output of 1,308 MWp Then followed a new solar park of 2 MWp on the Philips site at Lommel. What catches the eye the most is, without a doubt, the "slope" at the company Glas Ceyssens. Why pictures speak louder than words.. The sun part... We also build houses.. In 2011 we started with the developing of our own energy efficient walls
and in 2012 we have built our first 3 passive houses, and we even go further..

We make them livable with low-energy building techniques Insulation, advanced window technology, space heating, heat recovery ventilation, solar water heating, heat pump, air tightness,.. everything that can make your home energy neutral, we can provide CO -mments ?
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