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Higher Education Promotional

No description

Andy Crowe

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Higher Education Promotional

Promotion Of Higher Education By Andrew Crowe, Chris Hunt, Ben Greener, Rosanna Woodhouse and Josh Whiddet What we wanted
to achieve To produce professional and effective promotional material for Higher Education in Newbury College. What we Planned to Produce A Website advertising each course and a link to apply.
Leaflet focused on target audience.
Poster suitable for use within Newbury College
Promotional Video to be used in schools
A 3D Model of Newbury College. Promotional Website What is needed? To be easy to use.
An aesthetically similar website to Newbury College Website
To be informative for users.
For the website to be easily maintainable Leaflet and Poster What we wanted to achieve: Informative and Direct
Eye Catching Design and Layout
Suitable for the Target Audience
Completed to a High Standard What we had to include within the promotional material Why Newbury College is a place to Study Higher Education
Courses Offered
Course Costs
Living as a student in Newbury Promotional Video What we wanted the video to be: Exciting
Engaging 3D Model Of Newbury College Thanks for your time By Andrew Crowe, Rosanna Woodhouse, Ben Greener, Chris Hunt, Josh Whiddet Any Questions? http://www.newburycollegehe.hostzi.com
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