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Table of Literary Elements

No description

Cassandra Hammond

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Table of Literary Elements

Background Information Knowledge Comprehension Analysis Application Creation Evaluation Extension How do we teach students academic vocabulary for literary analysis? How do we teach the relationships between these terms? How do we move these terms into a student's functional knowledge? Lists of words Writing the definitions Foldables Disjointed Did Not Understand
the Interactions Stayed in Binders Did Not See as Useful Organization These elements are the building blocks of literature. Use "Composition" - The action of putting things together; formation or construction Grouped with Family
Increasing Abstraction
Shows Relationships Literary Analysis
Writing Table Tour Tier I Tier II Tier III CRP Written Compositions Can Be Analyzed In the Same Way Chemical Compositions Can Everything Can Be Broken Down Three Tier Annotation "On the Line" Diction Figurative
Language POV "Between the Lines" "Beyond the Lines" Mood Tone Conflict Patterns & Shifts Drawing Conclusions Evidence Opinions Constructed
Response Paragraph Graphic Organizer Prompt & Rubric Aligned to Specific Elements Clear Examples
Checklist of Elements Samples Literary Analysis Prose Annotation Music, Film, & Media Style Essays Tell-Tale Heart Pixar Shorts Table of Literary Elements Cassandra Hammond Mountain Shadows Middle School Nuview Union SD My Site Total White Hispanic ELL SED 377 69% 22% 71% 27%
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