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The Role of Women in Westward Expansion

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Sam A.

on 6 December 2018

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Transcript of The Role of Women in Westward Expansion

The Role of Women
The Gold Rush
Women found many new opportunities in California during the gold rush
Many women made money doing housework that they did in the east.
They washed the miners clothes and cooked for them.
Women also owned inns were miners could stay.
They made as much money or more than miners by doing small jobs.

The Life of Frontier Women
Women woke up early and milked cows
They also tended to other animals.
Women then had to cook breakfast and clean clothes.
Women were in charge of all household chores while the men worked.
Life on the Road

Life on the Road

Problems on the trail included brawls with indians, being trampled from either Buffalo or other carriages, or from dehydration.
There was many child fatalities at this time and settlers, farmers, and miners families were not excepted from the deaths
Fresh food was scarce and most of what they ate was dried bread
Women did most the work around the camps from packing up the carrages to cooking the meals
Video on Women in the West
On the Trail
Lasting Effects
Around the time of westward expansion women didn't have as many of the rights that they do now. Women's role in westward expansion helped show that they could do anything that a man could do. they showed that they were not as helpless as many thought they were and helped themselves gain rights.
Importance in History
Women's role in westward expansion was very important. They profited on the gold rush by doing things that they had learned in the east. They were very important in the travel westward. Women also took care of families that moved west. Without these women the west could have been a very different place.
By: Philemon Kendzierski and Sam Andrew
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