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Plate tectonics

No description

Ashleigh Hughes

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Plate tectonics

In 2010 Haiti experienced one of the world's most destructive natural disasters. A magnitude 7.0 earthquake.
collision of earth plates
release of energy from the
Enriquillo- Plaintain Garden fault system.
what is a fault?
1. converge
2. diverge
3. transform
Converging plates
Converging plates react like a car crash. When the two cars collide the front end will fold and bend against the other car. Just like the plates will do when they come head on at each other. This folding and bending causes rock in both plates to break and slip which creates earthquakes.
Quick facts

death toll: 230,000
still 85,432 people don't have a home
1 and a half million people homeless after the quake
Plate tectonics
This type of collision occurred between the oceanic Nazca Plate and the South American Plate. The collision formed....
* the Andes mountains
* volcanic mountains
* a deep trench
Volcanic Features
Plate Boundaries
Modern Data
identical fossils
movement of continents
Historical data
"It's just as if we were to refit the torn pieces of a newspaper by matching their edges and then check whether the lines of print ran smoothly across. If they do, there is nothing left but to conclude that the pieces were in fact joined this way."
~ Alfred Wegener
Convection currents

90% of earth's earthquakes happen here.
contains 75% of all active volcanoes

Ring of Fire
Mid- Atlantic Ridge

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