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No description

shuang zhang

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of UBER

Industry Analysis
Founded: March, 2009
Founders: Travis Kalanick, Garrett Camp
2010: Uber's Mobile App was launched.
2011: Gain $11.5million in Series A funding.
2012: more $32 million in funding.
2014:US$1.2 billion in funding during its latest round.
Now: the service was available in 45 countries and more than 100 cities worldwide.

Mission Statement
-"The mission of Uber is that they offer a lot more: customer support, style, comfort and reduce frustration. It is your on-demand private driver. You can request a ride anytime by using the mobile app or m.uber.com. With a wide range of 19 different cities to choose from how can this not be class and comfort. Uber's drive is to make you feel special and for you to roll in style and convenience."

Vision Statement
Everyone's Private Driver
PEST Analysis
Economic Factors
Disposable Income
Rising Disposable Income leads to more discretionary spending.
Private Transportation being a luxury item relies on disposable income

Economic Growth
Growing Profit in the Corporate Sector brings more opportunity for luxury transportation services.

Political/Legal Factors:

PEST Analysis
-Overseen by US Department of Transportation

Employment Laws
Required registration with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, with specific guidelines
Interviews and Background Checks

Industry Regulations
Different means of Private Transportation have different sets of regulations
New companies evading regulations
Ex) Uber and Lyft

PEST Analysis
Corporate Sector
Highly Populated Areas

Environmentally Conscious

Fast paced

Sociocultural Factors:
Automobile Manufacturers
Hybrid Vehicles

New technologies
Prevalent Mobile Connections

Technological Factors
PEST Analysis
Industry Analysis
Threat of New Entrants - Low
Strength of barriers to entry
Capital requirement- cost of entry is extremely high
Regulations in the US and worldwide
Other companies reactions within the industry

Industry Analysis
Threat of Substitutes - Low
Existing substitutes: public transportation, personal cars, city bike shares, short-term car rentals

Quality, performance and price comparisons

Industry Analysis
Threat of Suppliers - Medium
Suppliers include: oil and gas companies, car manufacturing companies, drivers
Demand for oil and gas, shift to hybrid and fuel efficient automobiles
Car manufacturing companies hold leverage through fleet deals
Split power of the drivers

Low switching cost increases threat

Threat of Buyers - Medium
Industry Analysis
Industry Analysis
Rivalry Among Existing Firms - High

PEST Analysis
Sociocultural Factors
City lifestyle
Price Options
Fuel Efficiency
Driver Benefits
Technological Factors
• Mobile Applications
• Google Maps Integration
• Self-Driving Cars

PEST Analysis
Political Legal Factors
Economic Factors
Identify themselves as "
Information Content Providers
" , and not actual taxi or limousine services.

Allows them to avoid regulations that other types of transportation services must comply with.
Created quicker and easier luxury car service to appeal to corporate demographic.

Provides UberX option and an inexpensive alternative
What Is Uber?
What is Uber?
Mission Statement
PEST Analysis
Industry Analysis
Strategic Group Maps
Luxury town-car service.

Functions through worldwide smartphone application integrated with Google Maps.

Connects riders to drivers through Uber’s application with location services.

Uber offers a wide range of services.

Use the app to request rides and track their reserved vehicle's location.

Strategic Group Maps
Speed of Process vs Price
Strategic Group Maps
Hassle vs Price
Convenience vs Car Options
Strategic Group Maps
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