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Spa Prezi

No description

Natifa Thomas

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Spa Prezi

By: Natifa Thomas Angel's Touch Spa Objectives Ownership Competitions Marketing !!!!!
Marketing !!!!!
Marketing !!!!! Remain Confidential
Best LMT & Aesthetician Keys to Success Individual Attention Tailored Experience
One on One Treatments
Cater to Client's Personal Needs Recommendations Great Quality
Encourage clients to bring a Friend
Get recommended clients from local Clinics Uniqueness All natural products
Latest techniques
Global products Professionalism Location Freeway County Achieve $31,000
in sales by month 3 Double my goal by
month 6 ($61,000) Return rate of 80% Well Established by one year Misson
Statement Angel's Touch Spa is a
sole proprietorship owned by Natifa Thomas who is a 10 year marketing
and sales profressional. The Spa at the Hotel
Hershey, PA The Lodge:
Woodland, PA Heavenly Spa by Westin:
Hilton Head, SC Montage Resort Spa:
Laguna Beach, CA The Spa at Manee at the Four Seasons:
Lanai, HI Angel's Touch Spa,
welcomes you to come enjoy peace,
tranquility and relaxation. Our goal is
to provide you with massages and
treatments from the finest to help you
maintain a healthy strong lifestyle! Our Angels are hand-Picked and are dedicated to serve you genuinely. The staff of Angel's Touch have been chosen because they are some of the best massage therapist in the area. We accept nothing but the BEST ! Here we are not looking to just please trends but to treat your body in its entirety by all means. We guarantee a signature experience every time! Help me help you by contributing to the start of my new business.
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