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Food Packaging!

No description

Daniella Karim

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Food Packaging!

Year 8 Technology - Miss Karim Food Packaging What is packaging? Types of packaging
materials There are a wide variety of different materials that are used to package food. An example of these include:

- Plastic (soft and hard)
- Cardboard
- Glass
- Cans
- Paper Why is it important to
package food? The principle roles of food packaging are to:

- Protect food products from outside influences and damage
- Contain the food
- Provide consumers with an ingredient list and nutritional information. What does packaging
protect? Packaging provides protection from 3 major outside influences:

- Chemical -> exposure to gases/oxygen, moisture or light .
- Biological -> Microorganisms such as insects, rodents and any other animals.
- Physical -> Cushioning against shock or vibrations, especially through transport and handling. What should be included
on the package? Nutritional information!

Nutritional information provides us with a knowledge and understanding of the
ingredients and nutrition of the product.
It is by law that every food product must list:

- The ingredients
- A nutritional label
- Weight of the product
- Where and when it was made
- Best before / Expiry date
- A barcode Activity Time! All you need is a partner, a pen, some paper and also a food product! In pairs, I would like you to find and write down the ingredients, nutritional panel, weight, country it was made (where it was manufactured), date it was packaged, the expiry date and the barcode of the product. Activity Time! With a partner, you have a few minutes to write down as many food items you can for each of the following materials:

Be ready to share and discuss your ideas with the class! Please tell me one thing that you have learned today! Packaging is the material used to wrap or
protect goods.

Food packaging is packaging for food. It requires protection, tampering resistance, and special physical, chemical, or biological needs. It also shows the product that is labeled to show any nutritional information on the food being consumed. What are the functions of packaging? There are many benefits of packaging food products. These include:
Informs consumers
Easy to handle
Attract consumers
Extend shelf-life
Keep hygienic
Protect the product
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