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Excel Job Interview

My vision

Tilly Parry

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Excel Job Interview

My journey so far EXCEL

The Buzz word Community Arts Coordinator for EPA

A member of the EXCEL committee

Established the marking criteria for the community strand of EXCEL award. This is being applied to other strands and projects

Action research - Surveying the local community to understand their wants and needs Faculty leader board Y8 Excel project All pupils in Y8 and Y9
are freely talking about EXCEL Inter band and form competition Student promotion video Improve awareness of pupils progress throughout Y8 and Y9 (Short term achievement) Awards Ceremony Y8 2012 2014 2013 The Beginning The launch of the Award Graduation Y9 2 x Citizenship or EXCEL days per academic year E = Enrichment

Attendance at school clubs

Application for external points X = Excellence


Positive points

Form tutor comments C = Community

Community job notice board

Daily sticker book tasks

External application E = Enterprise

Stationary shop

Enterprise days L = Learning

Progress (Interims)

Core Subjects

Excel projects Understanding of EXCEL Skills and experience

Fully qualified examiner for the Theatre faculty in UKA Federation
Developed the Dance departments VLE
Implemented - Steps to Success T&L practice
Co-manage the Dance Oscars - Big event
Lead a New York trip - Solo
Public speaker - INSET day, Assemblies and LEA conference Management experience

Experienced coordinator for the all the Arts subjects at Bridgewater
Lead INSET at the common training day for teachers in the LEA
Lead CPD for NQT/ITTs - Dealing with parents
Experienced mentor of LJMU Dance students
Life coached staff from Priestley College
Managed a stage school for 6 years Daily tasks Weekly
tasks Liaise with staff Co-ordinate
events Current Y8 - Pen Den
Continue to Y9 - Become team leaders Staff and pupils have
continual dialogue EXCEL is up and running

Y8 - Awards

Promote to current Y7

Y9 ideas Working together
to make the EXCEL

The lead in curriculum innovation KS3 - Cap on positive points to co-inside
with the awards system in EXCEL Manage and co-ordinate staff Promote Promote Promote Y9 - Prefects Achieving staff consistency
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