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Sophomore & Transfer Focus Group Feedback & Proposal

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Kelly Lough

on 31 January 2012

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Transcript of Sophomore & Transfer Focus Group Feedback & Proposal

First Year Student •Like the social aspects of living in University Housing
•A big draw was the all-inclusive billing and dining
•Fear of responsibility with managing off-campus bills was a motivating factor in living in University Housing
•Consistent idea that living in the "dorms" is something you do your first year... You move off-campus your second year.... That's just the way it is
•Large focus on RA strictness and policy enforcement, specifically in regards to quiet hours
•Wanted apartment style living their second year with greater freedom and closeness to campus. University Village was further than most of their off-campus choices Sophomore Students •Many lived at University Village their first year and wanted the "on-campus" experience
•Were not ready for the responsibility of living off-campus
•Still wanted the all-inclusive billing, cleaning and dining
•Sutter Hall did not meet their expectations as informed through University Housing publications and promotion
•Did not utilize RA efforts
•Liked PTP movies (i.e. fun & social community builders)
•"Mandatory" floor/area meetings seemed redundant - they felt like it was repeat information Transfer Students •Wanted social programs without an educational focus
•Many wanted the "dorm" experience
•Leaving home and junior college allowed them to re-create their identity to be who they truly are without the confines of those who have known them their entire lives
•Felt the policies were very strict
•Sutter Hall was not as socially active as they would have hoped
•Would have liked more on-campus involvement information earlier in the year
•Shared that there is peer pressure to live off-campus after the first year So What Could this Mean? •Sutter Hall may not be the best place to draw continuing students to campus
•Transfer students desire traditional residence hall feel We Knew... •Sophomores often fall into "slump" due to stress from increased academic pressure, renewal and re-evaluation of existing personal relationships, and the added focus of choosing a major
•Transfer students often feel compelled to believe that they "know what college is like," but often have transitional challenges in meeting different academic requirements
•Transfer students desire a stronger focus on developing social relationships than do sophomore students We Learned... Our Recommendations •In Fall 2012, introduce Konkow as the Sophomore and Upper-Division Student Community
•Move Honors program to North Tower of Sutter Hall (academically-focused environment, access to study space, etc)
•Utilize South Tower of Sutter Hall as Transfer Student Community
•Continue offering continuing students and transfer students options in University Village Programming •Create a programming model that is specific to sophomores & transfers
•Include connections to on-campus offices
•Sophomores: Academic Advising & Career Services
•Transfers: Student Activities, CCLC, Academic Advising, Career Services
•Reduce the amount of active programming requirements to be replaced by 1:1 interactions. Intentional, meaningful interactions (IMIs)
•Strengths Quest purchased for all students in Sophomore and Transfer Communities (Active Program facilitated by a Professional Staff member) Marketing Potential •Webpage on UHFS website
•Professionally produced video embedded on webpage
•Written material (brochure, pamphlet) for distribution at the Sutter, University Village, and UHFS service desks
•Inclusion of Sophomore Year Experience and Transfer Year Experience on list of UHFS Theme Communities The Sophomore & Transfer Experience
*What does it mean for Chico State UHFS? Kelly Lough, UV RCC
Chad Pettay, Sutter ARCC
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