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Effects of Information Overload

English 1102 Presentation on Information Overload

Laurynas Bileisis

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of Effects of Information Overload

Effects of Information Overload Websites
Information overload occurs quite often in the world of advertising and marketing
Websites can be overloaded with ads
Online stores are dependent on the relationship between the information they present and the consumer's attention span A new field of attention economics has been developed,
A Brzilian study shows that six alternative products is the optimal number of products before the consumer expriences information overload.
Information can be imposed by the following ways: 1)Lots of products to choosse from 2) Few Prodcuts but little information F.Heylighen argues that we are allready seeing the
effects of information overload in society.
Can be described by the increased depression and anxiety seen in the past few years People need to find ways to cope with information overload. The sudden increase in technology can create an overwhelming feeling. People that are able to succesfully learn to use new technology and integrate themselves into society will find themselves in the middle class. Ways to deal with information overload
On the technological side:
Better online design
Better email management
Better search engines

On the human side:
Time managment
Stress Managment
Training for information literacy
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