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Dress for Success

No description

Amber Meyers

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Dress for Success

The First Impression that Matters
Have an Interview?
Starting an Internship?
Beginning your first Job?
Dress for Success
Don't grab the first thing you see in your closet...
To Begin,
there is a difference between this...
And this...
When in doubt,
always go the conservative route!
You want YOU to stand out!
Not your jewelry,
ties, or fragrance.
Bring a briefcase, portfolio
or simple tote bag to carry your
work samples, a notepad, pens,
research materials, etc.
Bring copies of your
resume in case the interviewer
doesn't have one handy or
there is more than one interviewer.
Amber Meyers
Graduate Assistant
Career Services Center

From the shoes on your feet to the earrings in your ears, those who matter in regards to your advancement and success are taking notice!
The slide prior showcases what may look good on a night out with friends, while the attire above represents what looks acceptable to professionals and employers.
Here are some helpful tips...
Know the uniform and culture of the organization you are interviewing or working for, then dress one step up!

t is better to overdress rather than underdress and appear unprofessional.

However, do not dress so overboard you have the professional interviewing you wondering if you’re overqualified or after their position!
Grooming matters! Having clean, manicured nails, showering, wearing deodorant, brushing your teeth and neatly styling your hair are all musts.
Interview Attire Tips
for Men and Women
• A well-tailored, clean, pressed suit in conservative shades (navy blue, gray or brown).
• Pressed white or light-colored, long-sleeved shirt underneath suit.
• Shoes should be plain black or brown leather and
should coordinate with outfit.
• Jewelry should be understated and complement your outfit.
•Pants or skirt suits no longer or shorter than knee-length
•A sweater set with a knee-length skirt or dress pants.
•Hosiery (neutral nylons or tights, depending on the season)
•Polished flats or moderate heels
•Natural-looking makeup
•Hair must be out of your face, such as in a neatly placed bun
Interview Attire for Women
Interview Attire for Men
•A button-down shirt
•Polished black shoes
•A blue, black, or gray jacket with slacks that complement
•A conservative tie
•Socks that match- buy two dozen pairs of
identical black or blue socks

Low-cut necklines
Loud prints and patterns
Open-toed shoes and spike heels
Dramatic makeup
Fragrance of any kind
Excessive or flashy jewelry
Baseball or any other kind of hat
Sleeveless tops and sheer fabrics
Gum, mints, or other objects
Flaunting designer labels too much

• Keep an eye out for regional differences;
what's standard in the Northeast may
be seen as stuffy and impractical
in the Southwest.

• Ask someone who works in your
field of interest or the secretary of
the organization about norms and mores.
A few Last Tips

Wondering if the outfit you chose for
next week’s big event is practical?

Stop by the D’Youville
Career Services Center (CSC)!
Located in 315 ALT
Have Questions?



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