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Deirdre Burke

on 11 January 2017

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Transcript of HIV/AIDS Unit


design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
HIV Hurts the Immune System
HIV destroys part of the immune system.
It affects the "T Cells" or "FIGHTER" cells in the blood that help the body fight off all kinds of germs and diseases.
Most common ways people are infected....
Having direct sexual contact with a person who has HIV (NOT kissing, hugging, holding hands!)
Sharing needles or syringes (used to inject illegal drugs) with a person who has HIV
An infected pregnant woman can pass it to her unborn child
A person has a blood transfusion from a fairly large volume of blood that is infected with HIV( blood is tested for HIV, so the risk is less than 1 in a million!)
Can HIV and Aids be prevented?
People can help stop the spread of HIV by avoiding sexual contact with infected people and by not sharing needles or syringes.
Health care workers (doctors and nurses) help prevent the spread of HIV by wearing plastic gloves when working on a patient.
Bottom line is... make HEALTHY choices!!!!
Decision Making...
In the future, you will be making important choices or decisions that will affect your health.
If you have a worry are concerned, talk to a trusted adult.
5th Grade Health
Miss Burke
What is HIV?
HIV is the virus that causes the disease AIDS.
= Human- this is a virus that affects ONLY people, not animals.
= Immunodeficiency- a person has a weakened immune system
= Virus- a very small organism that invades the body and causes disease
How is HIV/AIDS Spread?
HIV infection isn't like a cold or a flu. A person cannot get HIV by hugging, holding hands, kissing, sharing a school bus or classroom with someone who has HIV.

HIV is passed only through direct contact with another person's body fluid, such as blood.
What does AIDS stand for?
= Acquired- passed from person to person
=Immune- body's defense system
= Deficiency- defense system is not working
= Syndrome- a group of symptoms which when they occur together means a person has a particular disease or condition.
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