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Online Reservation System for Enrollment of St

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anne ramirez

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Online Reservation System for Enrollment of St

Online Reservation System for Enrollment of St. Clare College of Caloocan
Our Online student enrollment system enables students to enroll into their subjects prior to the commencement of their semesters. This enrollment system not only allows international students to enroll through internet without traveling to the campus but also incorporates the business rules. These business rules cover a wide range of regulations and policy such as subject pre-requisite, student's payment status, course coordinator's decision and the correspondence of students' seniority to the intended enrolling subjects.
Since June 2003 San Pedro Relocation Center National High School, Landayan Campus is using a manual method on their enrollment procedures. During enrollment, the enrollees are line up to the respective chief advisers according on their year levels. These four chief advisers are equipped with a notebook or a clean sheet of paper, ball pen and folders in admitting the students. As the proponents conducted their research and analyzed the existing system on enrollment, they have known that SPRCNHS are experiencing problems like slow transactions and requiring much time in organizing the files of the students that’s why, the researchers decided to recommend a computerized enrollment system for the benefit of the students as well as the faculty members and the school. The proposed system which is the computerized information system will help the enrollment staff to easily access the records of the students. Computerized Information System is more effective than the manual method or the traditional way of enrollment because it can lessen the time and efforts consumed by the enrollment facilitators as well as the students during enrollment.
According to Eugenio Perez their online registration system of the National Agricultural Schools main objective is to organize the enrollment system is that it will provide a better and easier way for the enrollees to transact to their records during enrollment system which is being managed by the facilitators of the enrollment system. The facilitators will now be more comfortable because their enormous works will be minimizing during enrollment because of fast and easy way of enrollment process.

CHAPTER III: Methodology of Research and System Software Design
The proponents have aims to gather more details on how to supply the needs of both enrollment administrators and students in such way that it can be more efficient and effective for both parties. The methods and the instrument in the study play a key role in determining in which areas needs improvement. The proponents used different methods in order to find relevant information.
This chapter deals with the method used in this study and the instrument used in this study.

Cost of Investment
Development Cost
Professional Fee 48,000
Hardware Development Cost 3,075
Software Development Cost 1,125
Miscellaneous 5,600
Hardware Cost 41,000
Software Cost 10,000
Repair 4,000
Training 5,000
Electricity 23,745.36


Background of the Study
Enrollment serves as a vital part in life of every student upon entering schools or universities, either public or private, and it serves as the first impression of the student to the whole institution. Computer world nowadays, makes everything easy as should be especially for the student. Their enrollment registration processes made easy are its methods and other process student can reserve their enrollment registration by this Online Registration System of St. Clare College of Caloocan.
The Online Registration System of St. Clare College of Caloocan is the remedy for the long enrollment process of the School which is presented online. Enrollees will lessen their time and effort to go through the long process of the enrollment in the institution by this online enrollment reservation. They just check online for the instructions and the students just fill up the needed requirements. On a given date they can go to school for the completion of enrollment.
Other Universities and Colleges in Metro Manila like Mapua Institute of Technology, Lyceum of the Philippines and St. Paul University in Manila are using this kind of programmable enrollment system to promote convenience to the students.
The application of the modern technology dominated by the in the internet this study will modernize the institution and lead to more advancement in terms of its enrollment process and the institution would be more popular by this advancement because of the convenience that would be given the student and enrollment facilitator.
St. Clare College of Caloocan is one of the branches of the St. Clare group of Schools which is at Zabarte Road, Camarin, Caloocan City owned by dr. Ernesto M. Adalem and dr. Clarita G. Adalem. There are three levels the pre-school, elementary, high school, and the college department. Enrollment process in the school is a problem to everyone especially to the students.
The enrollment itself poses the problem of the institution and the students. From the cashier to the evaluation process they just go back and forth from different windows of the registrar office for a long and tiring waste of time and effort. It leads to inconvenience to everyone both students and registrar personnel. Another problem is that there is only one cashier and three evaluators that’s why it takes long time to the completion of the enrollment process. This lack of personnel in the registrar’s office takes hard time for the school to accommodate a huge number of students.
The remedy for that problem of the students and school enrollment facilitator with the use of the advancement technology and internet is the Online Reservation System. This study would lessen the inconvenience that the student is experiencing during the enrolment period. This Online Reservation System for Enrolment of St. Clare College of Caloocan would give the students and parent’s assurance to be admitted in the institution.

CHAPTER I: Problem and It’s Backgrounds
Objective of the Study
The main aim of this study is to achieve the following general and specific objectives.
General Objective
To develop the modern enrollment process of St. Clare College of Caloocan.
Specific Objectives:
The specific objectives of the study are:
1. To design a website that could help the students enroll easily;
2. To create a program that is more convenient;
3. To evaluate accessibility of the system.

Significance of the Study

This study is all about the benefits of the beneficiaries. This study could help the students, school enrollment administrator and the whole institution. The
could easily do their enrollment registration and reservation online wherever he/she is and will provide convenience to them.
School Enrollment Administrators
could also lessen work and they can manage their work accurately and this could also promote the institution’s good system of online reservation during enrollment. This study will promote how the
is modernized for them to be acknowledged as one of the institutions using well modern technology.

Scope and limitation of the Study

This study focuses on the development of an Online Reservation System of St. Clare College of Caloocan is only available online by filing up the reservation from online, where the student can reschedule their schedule. This System is through online. The student’s message will be sent thru student e-mail within 24 hours.

Definition of Terms

is as system where pages are interconnected into one entity and just manipulated by one person.
is an electronic device which can store date and can perform numerous actions.
is the first stage initiate by a student when entering the institution; is the act of registration in the school.
is the act of withholding the enrollment process thru online basis.
means there are connection used when enrolling; there should be and internet connection when using a particular website.
Manual Enrollment
is the act of registration which is manually manipulated with no other use of any technology; the enrollee undergoes a long waste of time when enrolling in an institution.
is an organized structure where they have definite parts and that are related to each set of program.
refers to the availability of the program to be accessed and it benefits the user and can perform a variety of goods in the users.

Related Literature
This section presents a review of related local and foreign literature relevant to the study.
Universities and Colleges are using technology for the advancement of their enrollment system. This advancement may bear a good result not just for the student and also for the institution itself. Online Reservation System for Enrollment of St. Clare College of Caloocan is a system that design for more reliable source of accuracy in the institution and for the student. As a year past, a number of student enrollee will enroll in the institution and by this Online Reservation System for Enrollment it may provide a convenient to the student and the administrator for enrollment because they will lessen time and effort when enrolling in a manual enrollment system.

Foreign Literature
Dr. Don Mayes, Superintendent of Indian Rocks Christian School in Largo, FL, met with me about a year ago to discuss the enrollment situation at his school. For the past five years, the enrollment had declined from 930 students in 2006-07 to a low of 693 in 2010-11. Obviously, he and his leadership team wanted to find a way to turn this around. The following were the results:
• 3% Growth and Enrollment Goal Exceeded – For the first time in five years, IRCS has experienced enrollment growth. This is a remarkable turnaround, especially since IRCS had experienced dramatic decreases in recent years;
• 3% Retention Increase – IRCS exceeded their retention goal of 85% by 1% to reach a five-year record at 86%; and
• 50% Growth in New Students – IRCS came within 11 students of reaching our extremely aggressive goal of 163 new students by reaching 152. The total number of new students enrolling at IRCS the past several years has averaged around 100. Therefore, IRCS enrolled 50% more new students this year, which helped to off-set the large graduating class. (NEWB, 2013)

Jeong et al. (2005) discuss the role of website quality in attracting online bookings and empirically test their proposed model with potential lodging customers. Authors indicate that information completeness and ease of use of website.
Schegg et al. (2002) analyze Swiss school websites over different criteria and conclude that they provide static information and limited transactional functions.
Law and Leung (2002) examine school reservation systems over attributes like information quality, system use, system quality, services quality, and customer loyalty. Their results show that North American-based websites outperform.
Landvogt (2004) evaluates several online booking enrollment over 23 different criteria, like overall user friendliness, payment method, instant confirmation, reliability, and invoicing function among others. These criteria present some of system’s functions and design principles discussed further in current paper.
Law and Wong (2003) find the three most important factors that contribute to a successful website, according to the on-line purchasers, are secure payment methods, different price ranges for products/services, and user-friendly system.

Law and Hsu (2006) assess the dimensions of school and websites (information regarding the reservation, facilities, and contactdetails of the property, surrounding area and website management) and attributes.
Selwyn Clyde Alojipan, (May 1989). Information technology new and more powerful ways of handling data through greater computer memory, faster data processing time, more sophisticated system designs, and a wider array of user interface devices and user friendly. Software which will vastly improve the School and other place of work there are just few of the power technologies brought information.
Based on the website ezinearticles.com, online reservation systems are the future of the self-service holiday provider as more and more people request online booking. It is even more important as home working becomes a lifestyle choice, web based solutions are becoming more and more powerful. From the essay posted on the website www.oppapers.com, online reservation systems make customers’ lives easier. Industries such as travel and tourism, hotels, and food use online reservation systems. With travel and hotels, many benefits of this system for the travelers are easily recognized and include the improved guest services from the initial online contact, the contiguity of the reservation process.

According to FASTRAK the reservation and billing system of the school are designed with a minimal number of screens for simplicity. Erez Internet reservation system is operated by FASTRAK. This Erez can provide forms for single and multiple reservations for clients. Posting or editing client charges/ fees is one of the features of FASTRAK Billing and Reservation System. The billing system of FASTRAK provides data security for authorization. Another feature of FASTRAK system is it can create a summary report.
Local Literature
According to Jeffrey A. Hofer on Modern system analysis and system Science and technology are essential for national development and progress. The State shall give priority to research and development, invention, and their utilization, and to science and technology education according Science and technology are essential for national development and progress. The State shall give priority to research and development, invention, and their utilization, and to science and technology education according to the 1987 Philippine Constitution (ArticleXIV, Section 10). Since computer power was the critical resource, efficiency of processing became the main goal. Emphasis was placed on automating existing process such as purchasing or paying, often within single department as indicated by Jeffrey A. Hofer on Modern System Analysis and Design (1996).
On the thesis A Computer-Based Generic Registration System by Julius Ivan A. Layos (2002), he stated that computers are known for their speed, accuracy and efficiency. The proponent conducted this study that arrived to create a standard computer based registration system for elementary and high schools. The software is designed to run on Windows 95, 98, NT, ME and 2000. Visual Basic 6 by Microsoft was the programming used in implementing the software product. It is the most popular Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool. One very important feature of Visual Basic is a reversal of the normal approach to programming. Adobe Photoshop is also one of the software used in creating the system.
Based on the study of Andrienne Gail E. Ramos, etc… (2011) entitled Online Reservation System of Canossa School High School Department. The school is having problems in transferring document from one document sheet to another. Re-checking and re-encoding student information takes some time. The proponent’s attempts to design and develop an online reservation system which it has the same process and flow as the old system. However the proposed system has eliminated manual writing and the school staff can prevent time and energy consumption by using a system that guarantees accurate student information recording. It will also eliminate tons of papers used in computerized enrollment sheet. The reservation will directly encode in the system. Visual Basic is used as a tool for programming the functionalities of forms, buttons, menus, and encoding of information. They also used Microsoft Access 2007 for the recording of data of the students and Adobe Photoshop CS4 for editing images and icons for the interface of the system.
According to the thesis Computerized Enrollment System for Santo Thomas Academy by Andal Andrea Suzette A, etc… (2005) Decision Support System (DSS) is a specific class of computerized information system that supports decision making.
According to Garcia, Maribeth D., Unpublished Graduated Thesis Title University of the Assumption Online Information Desk., May 2002
9”Web application is websites that performs the same function as software that you might otherwise download and run locally. Having the advantages of executing on a web server, web applications, and doesn’t crash or conflict with others applications and best of all accessible from anywhere.”

According to Manilyn Dequilla Database is an organized collection of information such as the card catalog of a library, list of names, address, sales transaction or student records.
According to Gil Quiambao Digital technology and the specialized needs of distance and online learners are having an equivalent impact on the way courses are developed and taught. To be successful in reaching students, the focus must be on the learner and on creating a learner centered environment, where opportunities for students to direct where own learning are provided.
According to Ramon Reyes Internetwork known today as the internet and as mentioned earlier in chapter 1of this book is the worldwide, global interconnected system of computer networks. The interest is the world biggest computer network connecting millions of people and organization in our global information society.

From the Thesis Book of Julbert Ramos, University of the Philippines, 2009
1”ACCESS Philippines, a web-based enrollment and administrative school system with feature that can meet most of a schools system need and requirements.”
This includes standardized modules for student registration, enrollment, grade management, reporting modules, online quiz systems and other modules that are deemed necessary to run and administer as school.”

Enriquez (2013) states that in these days, effort and money are such vital things that have to be used very efficiently to have a satisfactory outcome whatever work is to be done. Modern technology makes life simple and easy in many ways. Internet, for example, is a very helpful tool for the students for research purposes. It also features online applications (e.g. Students Information System, Enrollment System, and Grading System) that help individuals to work through the World Wide Web.

Local Studies
According to Binaya, Online enrollment system is utilized today by many universities to facilitate the enrollment of their students into classes every semester (Gaton, 2012). The system allows students to choose courses they want to take with the available class schedules. This allows students to make up their time schedules for different class courses without time schedule conflicts. After the allotted enrollment period, the system runs and assigns slots to students.
According to Felipe Sanchez, Introduction to Computer Concepts, Siliman University, Philippines (1961)

10”Computer nowadays had a big contribution in the innovation of our technologies. In performing specific task like storing and retrieving data information and computation by using database that connects them to the system.”

”According to Hennie S. Aldover (CHPI of Informatics Group 1995) using compute, an industry standard technology for developing, storing and driven applications, this allows programmers to create and deploy critical server-based business logic and it provide a cost-effective and development experience.”
The Online Reservation for Enrolment system of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University provides less time consuming and data consistency, it stores details of students, year, and section. The enrolment is designed for authorized user of the school office that enables them to produce information required by the different people in the school.

According to the Office of the Student Services of Southern Leyte State University-Tomas Oppus encounters a problem of maintaining and recovering student profiles using the manual data processing. Manual processing is known for its accurate results but it is only good when the number of data to be process is less. In updating of student records, it takes time in retrieving their records. For safekeeping and fast data processing, development of a Computerized Profiling System should be in hand.

Computer has a very large memory capacity that can be used to store instructional content material or to generate such material.
According to Victoria Tirol, Introduction to Computer Concepts, Siliman University, Philippines (1961)
10”Internet-Ready portal providing students viewing information on their class schedules, curriculum track, attendance record, current attendance status, student concerns and enrollment balances.”

Based on n website voy.com The technology today plays a vital role in our society. It makes man work easier and fast. It lessens error of work by using machines. It reduces costs to an organization from paper works up to computerized working system. Many manual transactions can be computerized by using software applications or computer systems to make work easier and efficient. all the requirements of creating a computerized enrolment system. The goal of the study is to provide an efficient computer-based system that will easily update, retrieve, and maintain student records.

CHAPTER II: Review of Related Literature and Studies
This chapter deals with the synthesis or related literature and studies, both local and foreign which the searcher had read to strengthen the conceptual framework of the study. All these reviewed materials bear significance to the present investigation.
Foreign Studies
According to Montalban, Diana Ruth, (June 1996).Online Reservation is the new Information Society is here and now and developing at a phenomenal rate. The advent of the computer age provided the technology to store, process, and reformat information according to varied specifications to suit different purposes. State of the art technologies, without the slightest inclination as to how to start researching on a subject, the difference in the novice’s time involvement as compared to the specialist’s time who researches similar information on a routine basis, is remarkable. The novice would take weeks where the specialist takes less than an hour.
According to Andrew Jone on his Study "Online Reservation Systems" on the website ezinearticles.com, online reservation system was initially developed in the 1960's to help the School manage their reservation system but later even the future student started using it to simplify the processes for its study. Today online reservation system is even accessible to student.
According to Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995, the reference implementation of PHP is now produced by The PHP Group.[3] While PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page,[4] it now stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, a recursive acronym.[5]PHP code is interpreted by a web server with a PHP processor module which generates the resulting web page: PHP commands can be embedded directly into an HTML source document rather than calling an external file to process data. It has also evolved to include a command-line interface capability and can be used in standalone graphical applications.[6]
PHP is free software released under the PHP License, which is incompatible with the GNU General Public License (GPL) due to restrictions on the usage of the term PHP.[7] PHP can be deployed on most web servers and also as a standalone shell on almost every operating system and platform, free of charge.[8]

According to Siva Rama Krishna Abstract Scheduling is an important decision making processes in any manufacturing industry. One of the key objectives of scheduling is minimizing the make span. Generating the best job shop schedule with the make span criterion for a multi-product manufacturing industry in a reasonable time remains a challenging task, due to its NP hard nature. In this context, this paper discusses the implementation of an online scheduling support system for a high mix manufacturing firm. The firm is a worldclass leader in turbine manufacturing, based in India. The production planning and control (PPC) department of firm has to schedule the jobs, on the available special purpose machines (SPMs), respecting the capacity constraints and most importantly the priority of work orders. The system is developed in two phases. The first phase involves the development of a scheduling support system. A priority based heuristic for minimizing the make span is presented. The heuristic considers a host of real world issues, like resource breakdown, utilization, recirculation of the jobs on the machines etc.
According to Governor Andres Pascual Online Reservation System was integrated web platform to provide content management, transaction processing and marketing interactive community functions to the two rice schools. The content management tools of the Jones school staff edits update or add to the volume of curriculum and event information without calling for technical assistance. It simply cut and paste document into the content management system for consisting and publish to the web in the school.

According to the library management at the University of Swaziland in South Africa; higher educations are increasing under pressure to produce student who can effectively function in the Information and Knowledge Society. enrollment has to play an important role in making pertinent information resources and services to accomplish the mission. The developments in computers, microelectronics, and communication technologies have radically changed the enrollment and information environment.Adding to these studies, Enrollment has traditionally performed a role of physical repository, housing print materials, with a catalogue that provides access to these locally held resources. According to Buffalo City School District will deploy an online enrollment system in place of its entirely paper-based enrollment process to save time and money. The New York district's school board has given the green light for a five-year contract for the Registration Gateway web application, developed by SRC Solutions.
Registration Gateway allows parents to sign up or re-enroll their children in the school district almost entirely online with a Web wizard. They can fill out a web-based application, from anywhere with Internet access, and attach additional documents after scanning them.
In the Kansas State Universities, all the students who are enrolled in Computing and Information Sciences (CIS) major in Kansas State University are required to submit their Program of Study (POS) which they manually do by filling in all the necessary details and submit the form to the department. The main objective of this project is to develop an online submission of program of study. The online student profile management system is a web-based application that provides students of CIS major to submit their program of study in an easy and efficient manner. This application mainly allows the students to enter their personal information (viz., contact information, previous education) and to choose core as well as non-core courses of their choice.

According to Paolo Malinverno, Research VP, Gartner who wrote an article that originally appeared in Outsource magazine Issue #30 Winter 2012 as part of the article entitled Fast Money.(December 13, 2012)
He stated that electronic invoicing was now a global phenomenon. It was dormant for quite a long time; the EU issued a Directive for making it legal in around 1994 but this was not implemented fully for a number of years. It took the worldwide financial crisis, and the fact that the first few offerings started to consolidate the multinational status in a multinational fashion, for the electronic invoicing is now mandatory in several countries (especially, but not only, in South America). In some countries it is partially mandatory. In some other countries, such as most of Scandinavia, it is just common practice. Some others like the UK, France, and Australia are going through further local legislation. Electronic invoicing is seen as a way of containing costs, and several governments mandate they choose the receipt of invoices in the current fashion.

According to Educational institutions such as college and universities in the state require connections within their respective districts, campuses and remote location (Abdul Hamid, 2003). It is not excluded the University Utara Malaysia have the internet connection that is the wireless network (hotspot) installations in UUM campus (Lim, 2004) and also wireless local area network (WLAN) at Residential college for example Bukit Kachi (Mohd, 2005). However, there is no online auction to be developed in order to utilize the university’s facilities. Students do not obtain the advantages and unable to realize the utilization or advantage from such facilities. With the increasing number of UUM students who have their own laptop or computer and together with the wireless network, provide the potential of online auction to UUM students. Thus, this online auction that cope with the accessible wireless network is needed in order to fully utilize the facilities.
According to the Right Online Management System, the key benefits of the online reservation system-automating processes, streamlining workflow and thereby enhancing the enrollee’s base-are attracting enough to draw some schools chains competing in a world of growing challenges.

Methods of Research Used
Descriptive Method
this can be Qualitative and Quantitative. Qualitative are gender to those who are used to describe and are focused on the decision making of the study while this Quantitative involves the collection or a grouping of numbers used to test. Descriptive research involves gathering of data that describe the study and then organizes, tabulates, depicts, and describe the collection of data. This study used this method as we gather numbers of data and as we observe that this study can be more efficient and effective.
Comparative Method
Comparative research is the act of comparing two or more things with a view of discovering of something about one or all the things being compared. This technique often utilizes multiple disciplines in one study when it comes to the majority agreement. This comparative research is used with this study by which we compare other colleges and universities who are using online reservation for enrollment for the better improvement of the study.
Data Gathering Instrument
The instrument used to gather information or data.
Direct Observation
is a research instrument using a questionnaire answered by the respondent. As a student of St. Clare College of Caloocan we observed the system of the manual enrollment of the institution that’s why we considered this study as an improvement to the institution and to be more effective and efficient the institution. This observation is important to the process of the study. This method will conduct observation for both students and enrollment administrators about the current enrollment system of the institution to find out the those disadvantages of the current enrollment process and that disadvantages will be the center of the development of the study.
the proponents used to have an interview on one of the faculty of the school about their current enrollment system and by that they will have a knowledge about what are the things that should change and improve about the institution system for enrollment. This is also categorized in semi-structured interview and open ended interview. This two category is apply in this study because the proponents used to discuss to the interviewee the needed question even in a formal and non-formal time that the two classification refer to its meaning.
Conceptual Framework/Theoretical framework
it include the conceptual model of the study and operational definition of terms. This study includes the related study of the proponents. This study was related to the previous thesis of ICS batch 2010 entitled Online Reservation for Enrollment of St. Clare college of Caloocan.

Analytical Tools
To give an overview on how the system really works, the researcher presented different structured tools that will serve as guidelines on how the system really works.
Data Flow Diagram (DFD)
is a graphical illustration that shows the flow of the system. This tool aided to show the data flow of the system and how the system works. This study used it for easier representation on how the system works.

Context Diagram
Exploded Diagram
the respondent that are involved in the study are the computer professor of St. Clare College of College of Caloocan that handles and facilitates the enrollment process which will evaluate the reliability of the program and the students that will have a first access to the program and will allow them fully navigate the program.
of Language Used
The reason for choosing a software that is developed under high level language is its ability that enable the programmer to concentrate on the problem that the program designed to solve, instead to concentrate on how the computer will carry out the program.
PHP (Personal Homepage)
the proponent used this language as a system program which is it is a basic server scripting language designed for web development but also used as general purpose programming language. This software is a free software on which deployed on most web server and also as standalone operating system.

Method Used for product Evaluation
One of the most important on the part of the developer of this study is to know the real score of their work in terms of its performance and acceptability.

Operational Feasibility
this was answered by this criteria reliability, efficiency, accuracy, speed, and security. The proponents used to know if the program will be developed or improve for the use of today’s problems on the institution or not and if the management will provide this development on the institution

Cost Benefit Analysis
Existing System
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