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Harry Potter Hero's Journey

No description

David Hawthorne

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Harry Potter Hero's Journey

The Call To Adventure
Harry recieves his call to adventure when he gets his letter from Hogwarts
The letter is addressed to Harry but his Aunt and Uncle do not let him open it
Although Harry does not read the letter, things begin to change in magical ways
Harry's journey truly begins after he receives his letter from Hogwarts
Refusal Of The Call
In this journey Harry is not the one who refuses the call to adventure
The Dursleys refuse the call by preventing letters from entering the house and not letting Harry read them
One afternoon the letters magically shoot out of the fireplace and fill the room
This is the Dursleys suffering
To hide from the letters the Dursleys pack up and leave to a deserted lighthouse
Supernatural Aid
Hagrid is Harry's supernatural aid in his journey
On Harry's 11th birthday Hagrid knocks down the door of the deserted lighthouse
He tells Harry that he is a wizard and that he must come to Hogwarts to study magic
At first Harry doesn't believe him, this is another refusal in Harry's journey
After some convincing Harry agrees to go with Hagrid
Hagrid helps Harry to begin his journey that is why he is Harry's supernatural aid
Early in Harry's journey Hagrid is his only ally
Later on he will meet others who will help him on his journey
The Crossing Of the First Threshold
Harry crosses the first threshold when he enters diagon alley to buy his school supplies
Hagrid takes Harry through a bar called The Leaky Cauldron to a brick wall
Hagrid uses his umbrella to tap specific bricks
Then the bricks begin to magically move to create an opening
When Harry steps through this opening he enters the wizard world for the first time
Harry has now crossed into his new world
Birth & Childhood
The Quest
The Road Of Trials
As the school year begins, harry finds it difficult to grow accustom to his strange new life

Things become dangerous as harry and his friends begin investigating "The Philosopher's Stone"

Multiple times he and his friends come close to nearly being killed, or worse expelled
The Return
Meeting with the Godess
Professor Dumbledore acts as a role model and caretaker for harry throughout his first year

He assists Harry to avoid dangers and helps him reach his full potential as a young wizard
Temptation of the Hero
When harry encounters "The Mirror of Erised" he is shown what he desires most, his parents

Lord Voldemort attempts to lure Harry into helping him by presenting him with a proposition
Who Did What?
Birth And Childhood - Josh

Departure- David

The Quest- Robert

The Return- Brad
The Ultimate Boon or Reward
Final Confrontation
In an attempt to find the stone before Voldemort, Harry and his friends need to pass a series of trials to reach their goal

Alone, Harry faces his parents murderer, the most powerful dark wizard in the world
Harry Potter was delivered to the Dursley's by Hagred when he was a baby.
Harry Potter is a child of destiny because when Voldemort murdered his parents he survived the attack.
Harry soon after lived with his Aunt and Uncle Dursley.
They treated Harry unfairly.
When all hope seems lost, harry discovers that he is not fully without help and finds the strength to beat the Dark Lord
- After Harry's duel with lord Voldemort, he finds himself
awoken in a bed.
-Dumbledore then enters the room to tell Harry that everything is alright and the stone has been destroyed.
- Gryffindor is then awarded the house cup for Harry,Ron,
and Hermione's courage for defeating lord Voldemort.
The Return
Crossing of the Return Threshold
-The school year is over and Harry can
return home, but he doesn't leave empty minded.
-Harry is now armed with the knowledge and skills he
needs to have for the next time he encounters hogwarts.
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