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Patrick Star

No description

Kate Cinco

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of Patrick Star

LIFE AS PATRICK STAR Patrick Star Is a funny, chubby,
not-so-smart Star fish who lives in
the bikini bottom. He was born
without a nose and lives under a
rock. Patrick Likes to play with his
bestfriends spongebob and
squidward and spends most of his
time sitting down. Here is the
life of patrick star. Squidward Spongebob - Loves to play the clarinet
- Hates Spongebob and Patrick
- Hates living beside Spongebob and Patrick
- Works in the Krabby Patty
- Enjoys being by himself
- Independent - Loves blowing bubbles
- Loves catching jelly fishes
- Loves to hang out with Patrick and Squidward
- Works at the Krusty Krab
- Cooks at the Krusty Krab
- Has a snail named Gary
- Lives under a pineapple
- Cheerfull Mr. Krabs - Loves money
- Owner of the Krusty Krab
- Has a whale daughter named Pearl
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