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Waiter Call System

Distributed by www.giacomuzzi.it

Sascha Giacomuzzi

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Waiter Call System

Waiter Call System
a small silent helper
Why Waiter Call System?
calls the right person
calls everyone
could not be heard
by waiter
vibration (and alert) are
always noticed by waiter
Normally only one
bell for kitchen
who is calling
with symbol,
low battery
confirmation button if reminder alert activated
needs just typing the number and confirm to call
very bright display
wall mount
slim & light
smart belt
battery life:
24 hours operation
(100 calls x hour)
175 hours stand by
serial port and
external antenna
ISM 433 MHz
Bar, Grill, Kitchen,
Manager can call with
different alerts
6 bay charger
Transmission Signal Repeater
easy load
best cost benefit ratio on the market
range check function for easy install
pager in 6 bay charger tells us...
number associated to pager
flashing green: battery is fully charged
flashing red: battery not ready
plug and play
up to 2 charger daisychain
charges a pager in 5 hours
Take away pagers
calls the guest when meal is ready
or table is available
by simply typing
the number in
Service Call for Guests
The table top Call Buttons
calls the waiter for service
by pushing the CALL Button
Table 7
Display Info
Acustic Alert
Take Away Pagers with
table locator function
pager reads Tag RFID
positioned on table
sends the table number
to transmitter (i.e. waiter)
Take Away Pagers
for self service / guests waiting to be seated / counter
calls with vibration and
flashing light,
also acoustic alarm
out of range alert
low battery alert
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