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Marketing Budget Proposal

No description

Victoria Dively

on 11 July 2016

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Transcript of Marketing Budget Proposal

Residential Overview
Contact Rate vs. Jobs Closed
Commercial Overview
Jobs Closed vs. Contact Rate
Financial Predictions
The total marketing budget proposal is $**.
Small Jobs Overview
Jobs Closed vs. Contact Rate
General Overview
Appreciation/ Christmas Gifts

2015 Marketing Budget Proposal

Promotion Strategy/Brand Development
Approx. Annual Cost
Expected Outcome
Magazine Advertisement
Printed Materials
Houzz Pro
Spring Event
New Location Office Event
Postcards; 4 times a year at TBD neighborhoods
Targeting middle class prospects in ways our other methods are not without loosing prestige for high scale residential jobs
Charity Fundraiser Partnership
Bi-monthly Business Lunch Meetings
Zero Cost Strategies
Social Media Enhancement
Houzz- Increase Followers/Reviews
Increase Likes/Reviews
The U.S. Small Business Administration's research shows small businesses allocate a percentage of actual or projected sales- usually between 2-3% for run-rate marketing and up to 3-5% for start-up marketing (Beesley, 2013).
2% **
3% **
5% **
Flyer Distribution; Real Estate Agents Offices
2014- ** of Gross Revenue
Company Goals
Budget Allocation
Residential Overview
Promotion Strategy/Brand Development
Website & Graphic Development
Approx. Annual Cost
Expected Outcome
Fall Event
Increased brand image; Necessary website support
Increased community awareness; Relationship with business partner enhanced
Network with Architect firm- Increase prospects
Network with Real Estate Agents- Increase prospects
Enhanced relationships; Increased prospects
Company Volunteer Efforts
Increase CSR using a targeted approach by sponsoring relevant non-profit industries (Habitat for Humanity & The Green Chair Project)
Bi-monthly email blast targeted to specific consumer segments
Translate E-Newsletter into blog stories & press-releases
Reference List
Selections Guide
Christmas Cards
Commercial Trends for 2015:
Hotels +9.2%
Office Buildings +13.3%
Retail +10.4%
AIA projecting an 8% growth forecast for 2015
Appreciation/Christmas Gifts
Increase contact rates with A-prospects
Increase the number of large scale residential remodeling projects closed
By 2016 produce a gross revenue of **million

Contributed ** of gross revenue in 2014
2014 Houzz & Home Survey
2014 Houzz & Home Survey
The following proposal calls for $*** which is **% of the company's gross revenue.
residential remodeling project in advertisements
*Avg 6 month for renovation/construction
*Avg 12 month for custom home
Improve initial client visit experience to increase the rate of prospects turning into clients
Directly targets high-income homeowners (ideal clientele)
Advanced location placement targets Raleigh Remodelers
Adds to the customer retention strategy
2013: **
2014: **
Residential Division Gross Revenue
Commercial Division Gross Revenue
Small Jobs Division Gross Revenue

Midtown Music Fest
Huge event celebrating 30+ years of business; 200+ guests
Brand Development
Approx. Annual Cost
Expected Outcome
New Logo Stationery/Business Cards
New Logo T-Shirts
Commercial Packet
Increased brand awareness
Necessary for new company
Printed T-Shirts/ Collared Shirts
Brand image enhanced
3 month duration
Approx. 4 people $13 each
Brand Development
Expected Outcome
Approx. Annual Cost
Charity Involvement
Direct networking with commercial land owners, real estate agents
Improve initial client contact experience
*Client Appreciation & Christmas Gifts are not included in this estimate, as well as the Referral Appreciation Gifts- they will be a cost of the job
Where we Were...
Defined Target Market
Baby Boomers
Generation X
Gen X professionals have a high preference for the web
Volunteer in greater numbers than baby boomers did in their youth
(Reisenwitz & Iyer, 2009)
Gen X is not very brand loyal-- as a result, advertising has shifted towards price promotions which encourages brand switching.
(Mitchell, McLean,Turner, 2005)
Age Range:
Annual Income:
Home Value:
Our Clients
1/2 Page Ad
1/3 Page Ad
*** Gross Revenue
Approx. $*** Marketing Expenses
No clear Targeting Strategy
No overall marketing goals
In 2014
Business Relationship Gifts
$525 per 4' by 8'
Home Builders Association; NARI; Safety
Available Dates:

Available Dates:

Targets Raleigh Users
Listed as Area Pro
The costs associated with the marketing budget will be covered upon the completion of a $** job.
This Improved Budget Includes:
Complete Commercial Re-branding
Improved Client Contact Measures
A Variety of Networking Events to Build Relationships
Enhanced Customer Retention Strategy
Targeted Approaches to Reach A-prospect Clients
80% own their own home
1 in 4 owns one or more properties
Spending $7 billion annually online
Use the Internet as primary source of intelligence when it comes to comparison shopping for major purchases
(Mediaspace Solutions)
1/3 of 195 million U.S. Internet users are adults aged 50+ (Jupiter Research)
44% access Internet daily through their smartphone (Pew Research)
Continuing relations with past clients
Office relationships enhanced
Activities beneficial; Networking possible
Adds to the customer retention strategy
Name recognition;Exposure
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