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Pan Am Games Toronto 2015

No description

Kim Mayordomo

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Pan Am Games Toronto 2015

Pan Am Games are the 3rd largest multi-sport tournament in the world
10,000 athletes, 42 countries, 36 sports
The theme for the games is Pan Amismo “passionate, playful & inspiring”
The initial budget of 1.4 billion has increased to 2.5 billion

Direct consumers:
- 200 million individuals are a 3 hour flight or a day’s drive from Toronto
- Target audiences: Local target audience, national and international
- Parents, children, amateur athletes, volunteers, coaches and officials

Indirect consumers:
- CBC won official broadcasting rights and will broadcast 600 hours of coverage
- television, radio, and online
- offered in English, French & Spanish
- Primary target are citizens of the Americas, secondary is other international audience
- “Bandwaggoners”, late majority or laggards
Target Market
Situational Analysis
Market Objectives
Gain a minimum of 5 high-level and 8-10 medium-level publicity placements during each quarter leading up to the Games
High-level publicity
: international and/or national media providers (ie.TSN & ESPN)
Medium-level publicity
: provincial or regional (ie. CP24 & Toronto Star)

Increase favourable public opinion by 10-20% per quarter and 80% by the opening ceremonies

Create incremental sales of 10% during the first two quarters and 20% for the last two quarters

“Batman Signal”
Creative team & Promotional team
Outdoor sky logo manufacturers

Flash mob
Creative team & Promotional team
Recruit dance company
Gives them publicity
Decreases promotional costs
Can encourage local talent and active lifestyle, especially for children
Videographer to record and edit
Communications to post on social media, encourage sharing to make it viral

Press release, communications & financial branch
Choose main financial spendings per quarter to release
Have graphic designer create infographic
Release at press conferences and through social media on same day

Create pre-determined budget
Price matching for products from manufacturers
Department collaboration (ie. assign Financial staff to oversee each project)
Control costs by limiting purchases or hours of operation (ie. Outdoor sky logo for 2 hours at night only → environmentally friendly)

Questionnaire at the Games led by volunteers
Multiple choice
On iPads for quick input and instant results
Incentive: FREE Pan Am branded sunglasses and string bags

Social Media
Communications branch
Create more interaction with spectators and fans by retweeting, polls of the week and commenting on posts
Follow organizations and people with sports interests (ie. Olympic Games followers)

Marketing Strategies
Mass Marketing:
- multiple advertising media techniques will be used, radio, internet, TV, newspapers, social media & public advertising
- athlete ambassadors to establish credibility
- partnership with a sporting drink company
- “flash-mob” downtown Toronto, Dundas Square
- “batman signal” light
- tickets will be printed on recycled paper- eco-friendly city
- group sales available for tickets and combo of public transportation available with purchase of tickets
- subway and bus passes can be purchased for the length of the event

Strategy Implementation
Merchandise sold through various retailers i.e. the bay
Promote branding

General and VIP tickets varying from events and by sport

Mainly through social media to create word of mouth and buzz

Around the 8.1 million residents in the GTA
SWOT analysis:

- strong economy, large population base, multicultural character

over budget

potential for jobs, new infrastructure, local businesses gain access to potential customers, tourism industry boost and ability to host future

terrorist issues regarding large influx of people into Toronto for the games and poor weather conditions

PEST analysis:
Political factors- gov funding to support athletes, security laws and laws for ambush marketing issues
Economic factors- unemployment levels decrease
- Games estimated to bring in 250, 000 visitors, leads to increase in food, beverage, entertainment & hospitality industries
Social factors- large diversity of individuals
Technological factors
services for timing, scoring & filming the events

Marketing Strategies
Capitalizing on Return on Investment:
Benefits from building the Athletes’ Village will boost Toronto’s economy
Ticket pricing based on events & number of tickets to sell based on capacity & type of competition
Merchandise sales throughout the Games
Broadcasting to promote and build excitement about the Games
Marketing Strategies
Reduce “Pan Scam” Mentality:
Providing pictographs or info-graphs for financial reports
Emphasis on the benefits that the new infrastructure will have post games for Toronto
Public relations department needs to communicate final costs and benefits to ease public minds
Increase community involvement in the Games through volunteer opportunities
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