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karla ornelas

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of HEALTH SCIENCE!

The legal age for drinking alcohol is 21.But there is alot of bad consequences that come from drinking alcohol. There is also alot of short and long term of effects.
short term effects are:
-blurred vision and loss of balance.
-difficulty concentrating and slow reaction time.
- dehydration, headaches and dizziness.
-nausea and vomiting.
-alcohol poisoning and possible death.
long term effects are:
-destruction of brain cells and maybe even dementia.
-high blood pressure and strokes
-damaged heart muscle and kidney failure.
-stomach ulcers and malnutrition.
-causes liver and stomach cancer.
Alcohol part 2
how you react when you drink alcohol:
-its hard to focus and think clearly.also might have difficulty remembering information and reasoning.
-it magnifies your emotions and makes them stronger.
-it also affects your decision making.drunk people react in a violent way because they react on impulses and bad judgement.
consequences of drinking:
-doing something you will regret.
-getting to a fight instead of walking away or talking things out.
-getting arrested or get a ticket/fine.
-losing your license or going to jail for a DUI.
-getting into a car crash, killing or injuring yourself or others.

Alcohol part 3
how do know if someone is an alcoholic?
signs of alcoholism are:

-drinks often or makes excuses for drinking.
-promises to stop but doesn't
-acts like a different person, when drunk.
-drinks alone or secretive about it.
-in denial about their drinking problem.
-stops participating in other activities in order to drink,
-experiences blackouts.
things that influence you:
-give in to peer pressure.
-advertisements and the media.
-trying to fit in with everyone.
- your emotions (how you feel).
-role models and other people.
-culture and family.

{ Alcohol,tobacco,&other drugs}
tobacco part 2
tobacco cause many problems in health. more than 50 chemical found in cigars or cigarettes are known or suspected of causing many types of cancers.
type of cancers:
-bladder cancer
-mouth cancer
-lung cancer
-cervical cancer
-stomach cancer
-kidney cancer
-pancreatic cancer
others health problems and diseases:
-ulcers in the stomach.
-periodontitis (gum disease)
-coronary heart disease
-acute myeloid leukemia
-asthma and emphysema
all these health problems could often lead to death.
getting help:
tobacco part 3
has many effects and side of effects. these are some of the gross effects of tobacco.
gross facts about tobacco:
-your hair and clothes will stink like smoke. even if dont smoke if you're around someone who does the smell wil stay on you too.
-tobacco stains your teeth and causes bad breath.
-smoking makes your fingers and nails yellow.
-smoking causes your skin to winkle prematurely ,especially around your mouth.
-spit tobacco; creates chapped lips,white spots,sores and bleeding inside the mouth.
- it also affects athletic performance make them slower and cant perform as long as others.

other drugs
there are many more drugs.
different types of drugs:
: dried, shredded flowers and leaves of hemp plant.
: drugs that speed up the body's functions.
methamphetamine, cocaine, ritalin, and dexadrine.
: drugs that slow down the body's functions.
tranquilizers and anti-depressants, such as valium, librium, xanax, rohypnol (roofie).
: drugs that relieve pain, dull senses.
heroin, morphine, codeine. brand names vicodin, oxycontin.
: drugs derived from male sex hormone, testosterone.
used to build muscle mass or reduce body fat.
: toxic chemicals in household products that are inhaled through the nose or mouth.
: stimulant and hallucinogen.
LSD (lysergic acid diethylamides) or acid
: hallucinogen.
: anesthetic.

is very deadly even though it doesn't seem like it. And it one the most commonly used drugs . it contains many chemicals. And there are many tobacco products like cigars,cigarettes,pipe tobacco,chewing tobacco and etc.
some major ingredients in cigarettes are :
-carbon monoxide
nicotine of the ingredient, is very addictive. when tobacco is smoked it releases more than 4,000 chemicals.
each year, smoking kills more people than alcohol, AIDS, car accidents, illegal drugs, murders, and suicides combined.And thousands more die from using chewing tabacco and second hand smoke.
help for those with an an alcohol problem:
alcoholics anonymous (AA):
it is a free 12-step recovery program which is completely anonymous for people who suffer from alcoholism.
sober recovery resource website:
it is a recovery resource where you could ask experts about any question about your recovery.
and also friends and family are welcome to use this site.
other ways:
there is also many other treatments and recovery programs.
help to quitting smoking:
support and programs:
withdraw is hard because nicotine is physically addictive, it's not easy to stop smoking. for some people its easier to stop smoking all at once. but for other its harder and they find it easier to quit with the support of other people who are also quitting.
replacement therapy:
Some smokers need medical assistance to help them through the process. Some use the patch or gum to help with nicotine withdrawal.
-it helps to maintain a positive attitude through out the whole procress.
help for a drug problem:
narcotics anonymous
treatment centers
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