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End of Placement Presentation

No description

Jasmin Mann

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of End of Placement Presentation

My Frontrunner Placement
Am I more employable?

6 Months
650+ emails
5 Team members
1 amazing experience
What I'll be
talking about
Where I
was at the

Where I
What I did
during my
The Beginning
Where I was...
I had only worked in retail - no office experience
Didn't know the correct etiquette
I was able to communicate - but only in a social context
I had never worked in a professional team on tasks
I worked in teams for university work and this was very informal.
No team member relying on my section completion.
When I had worked in groups in the past I would concentrate on my section of the task and then combine sections near a deadline. I Never worked full time on a task with team members near at all times.
I did presentation in front of small crowds and was nervous
Had no knowledge of the placement process
Lack of professional Confidence
What I wanted to Improve
Communication skills - Face to face, email and telephone
Team Work (Professional)
Speaking to a large group of people
Social media skills
Time keeping
Forward planning
What I did during my Frontrunner placement
Design of the Weekly Newsletter
Designing posters and refreshing the boards
Designing a timeline effect notice board
Research: Marketing, Employers, other universities
Ringing and emailing employers
Dealing with student questions
Designing the First Year handout
Editing the guidance booklet
Delivering a series of presentations
Social Media
Jasmin's Company
Top 10 Characteristics for Employers
1. Communication skills
2. Team-working skills
3. Integrity
4. Intellectual ability
5. Confidence
6. Character/personality
7. Planning and organizational skills
8. Literacy (good writing skills)
9. Numeracy (good with numbers)
10. Analysis & decision-making skills
-Library (CLaSS)
Skills I have gained
Communication skills

Professional conduct
Presentation skills
Knowledge on the placement process
Commercial awareness
Social media and IT skills
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