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Book Project

No description

emily buckmaster

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Book Project

Letter To The Author
By:Emily Buckmaster
Book Project
Dear Lurlene McDaniel,

This book "Garden Of Angels" was a amazing book. This book taught me a lot. Today I will be telling you from my perspective the Pros and Cons.
First, Pros. I found that in this book the main idea was about the mother and her life throughout cancer but I loved how you added some little stuff so that it was not just about the mother dieing. Also how you made the main plot there home town and how when the mom was sick they all were worried about her. This taught me that family is everything and that they will always support me no matter what. Those are a few Pros though out this story.
Next, Cons. This story did have a few Cons that I need to address. First i didn't like how the story went off track with what was happening it would switch what was happening a lot and i did not like it. Last, the concept was weird the mom had cancer but her daughter was only talking about her relationship so it did make me confused.

Your Reader
Emily Buckmaster

Book Project 2014
Famous Person
1997-Born December 28th
2000-Hayes his brother was born
2002-started school
2003-2013- went to public school
2013- online school
2013-started VINE
2013-October 1st stared MAGCON
2014-comic con April 5th in St. Louis and met Emily Buckmaster
2014-April 18th MAGCON split up
2014- March went on tour with Cameron Dalles and Hayes Grier and Carter Rynolds
2014-Moved into a apartment with Cameron
2014-March went on GMA
2014-March 18th went to the BILLBOARD MUSIC FESTIVILLE

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