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The Hunger Games


Anne Fehrenbacher

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of The Hunger Games

What happened up to this point? Introducing of the tributes Single rating Single introduction of the tributes Shortly before the games begins.. The Reaping Suzanne Collins 1990 beginnings as author for Nickelodeon born on August 10, 1962 in New Jersey daughter of a U.S. Air Force officer moved around a lot attended High School in Alabama graduated from Indiana University with double major in Drama and Telecommunications 2002: frist book: Gregor the Overlander 2008: The Hunger Games 2009: Catching Fire 2010: Mockingjay Katniss Everdeen Peeta Mellark Primrose Everdeen Haymitch Abernathy Gale Hawthorne poor family
his father died, now he's the head of the family
met Katniss in the forest whilst hunting Katniss Everdeen 16 years old
good hunter with bow and arrow
after the death of her father: head of the family The History of Panem of cause of the exploitation of the districts there was a rebellion 74 years ago and they lose it to remember this "mistake" there are the annuel Hunger Games The Hunger Games one boy and one girl of every district have to go to an arena to fight until there's only one survivor takes place anywhere in the Capitol Panem composed of the leading area Capitol and 13 poorer districts after war and natural disasters North America was distroyed, the beginning of Panem Love protection Primrose ("Prim") Everdeen 12 years old
untalanted for hunting Love Love? Love 16 years old
son of a baker
loves Katniss since he saw her for the first time Peeta Mellark Gale Hawthorne GFS English
Anne Fehrenbacher
WGIE 1 Haymitch Abernathy lives in district 12
winner of the 50th Hunger Games
mentor of the tributes of district 12
alcoholic the games get transmittet on television the gamemaker can affect the games sponsors can support the tributes with presents the tributes are between 12 and 18 years old Love? Characters dependent dependent Prim gets chosen by pulling a lot Katniss volunteers as tribute boys tribute: Peeta Mellark the tributes have to present their district they hold hands big parade since that their new strategy: be always together after three days training
to show their secret talent
points from 1 - 12 to assess their skills they dont't look at her
shoot in the direction of the gamemaker "Katniss, the girl on fire" Peeta admits his love to Katniss
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