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CBAHI Nursing Standards

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donabelle laranjo

on 4 June 2016

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Transcript of CBAHI Nursing Standards

CBAHI Nursing Standards
3rd Edition 2015

NR.1 Qualified Nursing Director is responsible for
managing nursing services in the hospital.
Full time Nursing Director
Licensed and registered with the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties
Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, 5 years managerial experience
NR.3 Nursing Director assumes authority,
responsibility and accountability for assuring
proper and effective nursing services
Establishes, oversees and approves nursing policies and procedures and nursing professional standards of care.
Implements an effective method for organizing the delivery of patient care.
NR.2 Nursing Director assumes a leadership
position in the hospital
Represents the nursing staff as one of the hospital leaders.
Participates with other hospital leaders in decision making processes.
NR.5 Nursing Director ensures the
competency of the Nursing Staff
Participates in the recruitment and hiring of qualified nurses.
Monitors the performance of the nursing staff and assures their ongoing competency.
NR.4 Nursing reference manuals and policies
are readily available and accessible to
all units.
Nursing policies and procedures manual
Current nursing practice manuals/books
Infection Control Manual
Safety Manual
Operating Manuals for safe use of equipment
Laboratory Services Guide
Dietary Manual
By Nena M. Sevillano
NR.7 Nursing Department provides regularly
updated work schedule.
Nursing scheduling policy defines duration of working shifts, assignment of overtime when needed, on-call requirements, vacation schedules, change of schedule, participation in education activities, committees, departmental meetings and quality improvement activities.
Work schedule provides an adequate number of staff every shift.
NR.8 There is a process for assignment of nurses
out of their normal working areas.
Ensures that nurses assigned out of their normal working area have the competency required for safe and effective patient care.
Maintains a list of cross-trained nurses and available for all nursing units.
NR.9 Nursing Services are provided by
qualified nurses.
Licensed registered nurses are available to provide nursing care.
Each unit has Head Nurse with the required nursing and managerial experience.
Qualified registered nurses are available to provide bedside nursing care to all patients 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
Nursing assistants have education program, clearly defined job description and responsibilities.
NR.10 There is a comprehensive nursing assessment
for each patient upon admission
Timely completed by a registered nurse.
Scope and contents is defined in hospital policies and includes:
History of patient's main complaint
Drug allergies
Physical condition
Psychosocial status
Pain assessment
Nutritional status
Discharge planning
Skin assessment
Fall risk assessment
Why nursing assessment should be done upon admission?
To identify nursing care needs for each patient upon admission.
Why patients are reassessed at appropriate intervals?
To determine patient's response to treatment and to plan for continued treatment and discharge.
NR.11 There is a nursing plan for each
Consistent with the medical plan of care and reviewed every shift.
NR.12 Nursing Department ensures
adequate supplies and equipment
for the safe and effective provision
of care.
NR.6 Sufficient nurses are available to meet
the needs of patients
Develops a staffing plan that maintains an adequate staffing level in all nursing units.
Nursing Staff are allocated according to the skill level, qualifications, patients volume and acuity and in accordance with laws and regulations and nursing licensing boards.
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