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Stock Market

No description

Alisa Zhang

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Stock Market

Stock Market
Chris Zhang
Alisa Zhang

Schlumberger Limited
CEO: Paal Kibsgaard
Headquarter Location: Houston, Texas
Product: Oil, petroleum, gas, fuel, etc.
United Parcel Services
CEO: Scott Davis
Headquarter Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Service: Shipment and logistics
CEO: R. A. Walker
Headquarter Location:The Woodlands, Texas
Product: Oil and gas
Panera Bread Company
CEO: Ronald M. Shaich
Product: Sandwiches, salads, soups, and other food and bakery items
Headquarter Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Schlumberger Limited, SLB, -1.12%
United Parcel Service, UPS, +.97%
Anadarko Petroleum, APC, -1.21%
Panera Bread Company, PNRA, +.91%
Change Over 8 Weeks
Anadarko Petroleum
APC : Anadarko Petroleum Co. is getting sold because it is facing fines for previous oil spills and we hope to cut our losses. It has lost us $198 dollars total over the course of 8 weeks.
Stocks Sold
UPS : United Parcel Services is getting sold because although it
gone up, it is very close to its peak and does not have much room to grow. It has earned us $74.82 over the course of 8 weeks.
Initial Investment Summary
Change over 8 weeks
TGC Industries Inc.
Ford Motors Company
CEO: Mark Fields
Headquarters Location: Dearborn, Minesota
Headquarters Location: Plano, Texas
Service: Helps companies find oil
CEO: Robert Woods
At the end of our stock market simulation, our portfolio total was $8987.67. We think the stock that performed the best for us was Ford Motors(F). Although it did not go up as much as Panera, we bought 152 shares of it, as opposed to Panera's 13 shares, and so we made more then $300 with Ford, while Panera only made us less then $100. The stock that performed the worst for us was TGC Industries(TGE). TGC only went down about $1, but because we bought 560 shares, it lost us more then $500.
1) Since July this year, China's stock market has increased by 45%, boosting their economy and wealth. As China is the world's biggest spender, some of our stocks, such as Ford Motors, were heavily influenced by that and went up.
2) As we learned during the simulation, the stock market hates uncertainty. Greece has an presidential election coming up on Dec. 17, but it needs a super majority by the legislators to elect a president - Which it doesn't have. So, some of our stocks have been affected and went down.
3) During recent mid-term election, the republicans won the Senate, and winning full control of Congress. As the stock market is affected by the government and its political decisions, that change has brought some of our stocks up, and some down.
Four Things we Learned about the Stock Market:
1) Since the stock market began, it has gone up an average of 8% a year.
2) A 52 week high/low is the highest and lowest a stock has been in a year.
3) Stocks perform better in the third year of a presidential term because the president is trying to improve the economy to help them win the next election.
4) The stock market does well after elections because the stock market hates uncertainty and elections remove uncertainty.
Change over 12 weeks
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