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Round Dancing the Rotunda:

No description

Carla Sullivan

on 29 March 2017

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Transcript of Round Dancing the Rotunda:

Decolonizing Methodologies
Selected Methods
- Interviews

Challenges & Adaptations
The Five Demands
Research Questions
- How do Indigenous students experience urban settler spaces such as the University of Ottawa, and how and to what extent do they feel oppressed, marginalized, or excluded?

Round dance at the Rotunda
Round Dancing the Rotunda:
Theoretical Framework
- logistics
- level of commitment
- collaborative partners
Decolonizing the University of Ottawa

Carla Sullivan
MA Candidate, uOttawa

- interviews
- spaces of inclusion and exclusio
“...nothing says inclusion, nothing says exclusion either, it is only cement and students”
Next Steps
- complete fieldwork and data analysis
- write ad submit report to the
uOttawa administration
- start decolonization community
radio series
Settler Space
urban spaces are dominated by normalized, settler colonial traditions, behaviours and values
“...the room felt so big, I felt like I was under a microscope. They were so angered that we get funding when they’ve been here so long”
"If I propose an idea in a class with a linear set-up, the prof reinterprets, rephrases the idea in their own worldview ... I feel excluded when the environment does not allow me to act according to my worldview"
A great big thank you to:

Luisa Veronis, my supervisor
Mistawasis, my elder
My research participants
Ontario Public Interest Research
Source: Ottawa Citizen
"A commitment to the recognition of
the Algonquin nation in the physical
landscape of our campus; the assertion
of Indigeneity in the spatial aspect
of the university" - ICSSA
- In what ways does the built environment of the University of Ottawa campus represent settler colonial traditions, norms and worldviews?
- What ideas do Indigenous students have for the decolonization of the University of Ottawa campus space?
- Sharing Circles

- Reflexive Journals
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