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music project

No description

Rhea Manalili

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of music project

Geographical location
Indonesia can be found in the southern hemisphere of Asia. There are four countries that border Indonesia; Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and The Philippines. Indonesia is also bordered by the Pacific and Indian Ocean. The country is well-known for its volcanic islands, such as, Java, Sunda and Bali.
Musical elements
- the rhythm in Gamelan music is often slow and calm in the beginning. As the music transitions to the middle it gets louder and faster, and repeated until the end
- the instruments are played at a very slow pace that gradually speeds up, then slows down.
- when you listen to each individual instrument while played together their measures aren't all the same, yet the still play a soothing tune
- the meter of the music played is four to the bar.
Use of Voices
- the use of voices isn't often needed, for the instruments themselves set the mood. Although when voices are used you could here them sing near the end
Folk Instruments pt.2
As you saw earlier both the gong ageng and angklung are attached to a frame-like structure.The gong ageng is made up of forged bronze & welded iron. Which explains it's arched heads, that have different heights. It is played with a small mallet or your hands. The angklung is made up of bamboo sticks of varying lengths. It is played by placing your left hand on the top horizontal sticks and tapping the bottom bamboo stick with your right palm.
Folk Instruments
Next up is the metallophone. It is very similar to a xylophone. It is made up of a row of metal bars, that have different sizes to play different tunes as they vibrate. It is played by striking it with a mallet. The last instrument is the kendang, which is basically an Indonesian drum. It is made up of jackfruit, coconut and cempedak wood. It's interior is made up of goat hide and it's top is made up of buffalo hide. It's played by tapping it with your hands on your lap.
Folk Instruments
Indonesian bands called Gamelan, play a variety of different instruments. I will be presenting four instruments to you. The metallophone, kendang, angkhlung, and gong ageng.
gong ageng
1. What four countries border around Indonesia?
2.What is Indonesia well-known for?
3. What is the gong ageng made up of?
4.Name at least one of each wood & animal hide the kendang is made of.
5. From which three islands did the Gamelan medley from the previous video come from?



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