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Chemoreception: Smell and Taste

No description

Faith Nichols

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Chemoreception: Smell and Taste

Where are all the locations that taste buds can be located on a fish?
Fish have taste buds in their mouth and all over their body.
Catfish can taste the water that they swim in and the mud that they lay in.
How do Catfish use its barbels?
A catfish uses its barbels to locate food such as crayfish.

These barbels can leave painful wounds on humans and other creatures.
What is the lowest level of chemical concentration that a shark can sense?
Sharks can sense a single drop of blood in the ocean!

Some can detect chemical levels as low as one part per billion!
How are nostrils on a fish different than those on humans?
Fish only use their nostrils to smell
Fish do not breath through their nose
Chemoreception: Smell and Taste
What advantage does having their nostrils on the sides of their head give a fish?
It helps them detect food at a considerable distances
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