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Wordpress Website Care and Posting

your-cathedral proposal

Virginia Bergstrom

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Wordpress Website Care and Posting

your-cathedral.org Keeping it "Crispy"

New Posts
New Pages
Page Edits
Design Elements
Updates & Repairs Proposal for Website care and Posting being the heart of God for the heart of Charleston Prior to Aug 2011 your-cathedral.org averaged @ 2000 views per month:

August= 3267
Sept= 5890
Oct (so far)= 2979 Site Stats Most traffic day Sun. Oct 21 typical site traffic Views of the site over a the last month Serve Here
Community Groups
(Future tabs)
Midtown Mission
Healing Ministry Support Pages Welcome Pages HOME
Who we Are
Worship with Us
How do I
Contact US Posts News
Teaching posts are communications
for guests & members linked to email and facebook these pages are located on the top level menu shortcut tabs and go to pages related to vision strategy. The menu dedicated to helping outsiders get to know the Cathedral and find information about worship and common curiosity. Midtown Worshiper community
member your-cathedral.org Facebook emailUpdates to parish mission the 126
Visitor being the heart of God
for the heart of Charleston Current Numbers for Site Content Base Service Contract : $440 per month


8 New posts (additional posts $15.00)

1 New Page (additional pages $30.00)

Page Edits $10.00 per request

Repairs or Updates to site, supporting forms, and building forms or other embedded tools: $40.00 / hr

Design Hours $20 / hour Website Service Contract Being the heart of God
for the heart of Charleston A proposal to give care and regular fresh content to your-cathedral.org your-cathedral.org UP stuff
Out Stuff
In Stuff What is on the site anyway? we like this Acts 2 concept quite alot. People check us out either here or here before they consider parking in our parking lot or walking through our gates.
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