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Brave New World - Technology, Media and Propaganda

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Erica Yeo

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Brave New World - Technology, Media and Propaganda

Language, Media and Propaganda Brave New World Soma & Propaganda Soma and Propaganda
Comparisons to 1984
Mustapha Mond
John and Language
How Language Controls People
Activity! What is Soma? So what does Soma have to do with Propaganda? Brave New World vs. 1984 Language Brave New World vs. 1984 Media & Propaganda By: Erica, Ademir, Mark, Anthony and Simone We'll Be Covering... How Language Controls Society THE DEBATE CONCLUSION Now for an activity! Step 1: Get into groups of four
Step 2: Assign yourselves as
Mustapha Mond
Winston Step 3: Create a 2 minute dialogue of what each character would say about the use of language, media and propaganda in society Do you recognize these symbols? John Mustapha Mond John vs. Mustapha Mond What effect does literature have on John? An outcast in both the reseravation and the world state
Gains cultural value from Shakespeare How has Shakespeare affected John's idea
of love and relationships? Sees the women of Shakespeare in Lenina
As Othello sees Desdemona, John sees Lenina Love in the world state... does not exist as expected Intense themes and ideas that cease to exist in the World State
His expression of feelings differs from that of Lenina More physical than anything else really isn't "Love" John's Ideology... John = The past John's Death = The past cannot exist in the present... Brave New World:
Different way of controlling
Meaning of family
Character's vision of the world 1984
Power of language in politics
Reducing the amount of thoughts
Aim of Newspeak
Reducing the range of people's memories VS 1984
Repetition in Newspeak
Control of the history Brave New World
Hypnopaedia Huxley’s message: a warning of where our world is headed and how really society should be working to fix it’s problems rather than advancing technology. Born in the World state
Raised under the World state education system
Was exposed to a high level of literature only after he became world controller
Compared to others in the world state, Mond is able to express his thoughts more clearly due to his high level of literature
High level of literature allows Mond to control the World State much easier due to him being able to compare the present to the past hallucinates and makes people feel good
government approved drug "Was and will make me ill, I take a gramme and only am." “A gramme is better than a damn” “Everybody’s happy nowadays” In Brave New World The state’s use of language plays an important role in manipulating the citizens towards certain social and economical goals. Huxley uses sleep-teaching/sleep therapy to implement a certain range of understanding in vocabulary from the individual through condition in their sleep. Sleep teaching happens in an individual's subconscious where the person connects words through images they have seen over a repetitive period of time creating a very easy way for the State to use propaganda through this sleep teaching in a subliminal way of controlling people. Johns the Savage’s character ends up representing the idea that an individual that is left alone to mature in a natural state is much more humane and less corrupted than a civilized individual in a consumerist World State society. The Brave New World society strives on stability through immediate gratification instead of self-actualization and and succeeds to do this through the creation of their individuals and the conditioning they face before they have entered society that forms their view on it. Through the various characters throughout the book, we see Huxley's warning/message of where our world is headed. We also see how language, media and propaganda has affected the lives of these characters in so many ways.
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