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Ice Exhibit

No description

Alan Hanson

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Ice Exhibit

We fish through the ice.
That's pretty hard core. STORY:
Forget the boat! We do commercial fishing - Wisconsin style... Images Multimedia Documents Contacts Artifacts Synopsis: Wisconsinites commercially fished in the Green Bay area and in some Wisconsin lakes using large nets dropped through holes in the ice and pulled by teams of horses. Harvested fish were then sold on the ice to middlemen who shipped them to market. STORY:
Art & Tradition: Native American Ice and Spear Fishing Images Contacts Artifacts Documents Multimedia STORY:
People of the Sturgeon Synopsis: Wisconsinites spend part of their winter out on the ice hoping to spear a prehistoric fish, and having fun. Images Artifacts Contacts Documents Multimedia 024 "Armed With Spears at an Icy Stakeout for Sturgeon in Wisconsin."
https://www.dropbox.com/s/2b5cohvz7yoeja7/024%20Spearing%20Sturgeon%20on%20Wisconsin%E2%80%99s%20Lake%20Winnebago%20-%20NYTimes.pdf 026 UWDC State of Wisconsin Collection "WI.BelgAmrCol.gd1full"
http://digicoll.library.wisc.edu/WebZ/FETCH?sessionid=01-46216-1303969525&recno=1&resultset=1&format=F&next=html/nffull.html&bad=error/badfetch.html&entitytoprecno=1&entitycurrecno=1 023 Artifacts Images Multimedia Documents

Contacts UNKNOWN/EXTRA/TBD 027 028 "Ice Fishing" https://www.dropbox.com/s/vkp24hpsl61ium7/028%20IceFishing%20SeaGrant%20Institute.pdf 029
People of the Sturgeon Audio Book http://www.seagrant.wisc.edu/Home/AboutUsSection/PressRoom/Details.aspx?PostID=1165. 030
Native American Ice Fishing http://wpt.org/wisconsinStories/2001season/frozen/frozen_stories.html STORY:
Wisconsinites are some of the best ice fishers in the world... Competition in ice fishing is nothing new for Wisconsinites. In addition to local competitions, Wisconsin also home of many competitors of the USA Ice Team, which competes in the World Ice Fishing Championships. Wisconsin has hosted several world ice fishing events in recent years. Multimedia Documents Contacts Artifacts Images Images 031
USA Ice Team (Ice Fishing)
http://www.usaiceteam.com/organization 032
World Ice Fishing Championship X - About https://www.dropbox.com/s/4tq2olbr2f1rmi7/032%20World%20Ice%20Fishing%20Championship.pdf 065
US Ice Fishing Team History https://www.dropbox.com/s/er25j2sg845blne/065%20Team%20History%20_%20USA%20Ice%20Team.pdf 085 093 112 113 114 115 116 117 STORY:
Ice Shanty - a Wisconsinite's home away from home Synopsis: Every winter, villages of small shacks appear on Wisconsin lakes; they provide a shelter from the cold, and a canvas for Wisconsin's culture. Artifacts Contacts Documents Multimedia 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 162 163 169 179 265 266 294 UWDC State of Wisconsin Collection
https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ikmwta8edzzmvt/294%20Ice%20Oral%20History%20Jeanquart.pdf 304 Whale Ice Shanty https://www.dropbox.com/s/67znoikel1b7p3s/304%20More%20of%20The%20Other%20Minocqua%20%C2%AB%20Blue%20Lake%20Free%20Press.pdf STORY:
Ice Fishing for Science!
Synopsis: UW Madison Center for Limnology ice fishes on Wisconsin lakes to determine health of lake habitat. Artifacts Contacts Documents Multimedia Images 151 324
Milwaukee Public Museum - has examples of regional Native American ice fishing tools and equipment in its North American Ethnographic collection. 025 UWDC State of Wisconsin Collection
https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ib7w48cnce9t5e/025%20DeBaker%20Oral%20History%20Ice%20Fishing%201976.pdf 224 258 [PROP]
Flopping Crappie Ale STORYLINE
We are America's Dairyland, but we were America's Ice Land SUB STORY:
Native Origins of the Ice Shanty Sub Story:
Sturgeon Sustainability: A Wisconsin Story 328
People of the Sturgeon - Chapter 2, Fish Laws Artifacts Contacts Images Documents 328
Wisconsin Fish Commissioner Rail Car
People Of the Sturgeon, p. 26 328
Examining Illegal Sturgeon
People of the Sturgeon, p. 32 328
Metal Registration Tags
People of the Sturgeon, p. 48 328
Studio portrait of man with spear, decoy and catch, 1870's
People of the Sturgeon, p.64 328
Description of Native American sturgeon spearing
People of the Sturgeon, p. 65-70 Artifacts Contacts Images Multimedia Documents 328
Covering with Blankets
People of the Sturgeon, p 69 328
Archeological artifacts - Fishing tackle
People of the Sturgeon, p.70 328
Blue Ox Ice Shanty, big enough for the whole family
People of the Sturgeon, p.73 328
description of setting up ice shanties
People of the Sturgeon, p.74-77 328
Contemporary sturgeon spearer inside the dark ice shanty. 328
Leo Schoebel with his Allis Chalmers and 142 lb Sturgeon in 1946.
People of the Sturgeon, p. 79 328
Mary Boettcher hugs first speared sturgeon, with parents
People of the Sturgeon, p. 83 328
Mary Schneider and speared sturgeon in 1967
People of the Sturgeon, p. 85 328
Sue Hop and husband with ice shanty, spear and decoy.
People of the Sturgeon, p. 89 328
description of ice shanties.
People of the Sturgeon, p. 113 328
Images of ice shanties
People of the Sturgeon, 112 328
Harry Lopas and friends setting up ice shanties
People of the Sturgeon, p. 110-111 328
Making Sturgeon Decoys and spears
People of the Sturgeon, p.114-131 328
People of the Sturgeon - Chapter 5, Sturgeon for Tomorrow 328
People of the Sturgeon - Chapter 7, The Secrets of the Sturgeon 328
Timeline of Lake Winnebago Sturgeon Management
People of the Sturgeon, p. 274-275 Unknown/Other/TBD STORY:
Empire of ice
Synopsis: Large businesses harvested ice on an astounding industrial scale in Wisconsin Artifacts Contacts Images Multimedia Documents 001
Ice Harvesting - Dictionary of Wisconsin History
https://www.dropbox.com/s/rkecqkiswmfx49z/001%20Wisconsin%20History%20Dictionary%20ice%20harvesting%20industry.pdf STORY:
How do you harvest ice?
Synopsis: How to select a prime site, time of year and weather, preparing the ice, cutting, hauling, storing, shipping, all while fighting your competition. (told by modern harvesters) Artifacts Contacts Images Multimedia Documents STORY:
So cold we made a living with ice.
Synopsis: The story of the many laborers involved in the ice trade. Artifacts Contacts Images Multimedia Documents STORY:
We keep it clean.
Synopsis: Wisconsinites have taken actions to ensure we have safe and clean ice. Artifacts Contacts Images Multimedia Documents STORY:
We own ice.
Synopsis: Wisconsin Supreme Court has handed down several rulings on rights of ownership for ice. At one time, all ice was owned by the state.
Artifacts Contacts Images Multimedia Documents
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