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Group 5 Newspaper Project

No description

Peyton Grba

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Group 5 Newspaper Project

Created by Peyton Grba
Created by: Jake Nelson
Task 4~Metaphor Identification
Task 6~Wordle.net
GROUP 5 members: Karen Ptashek, Jake Nelson,Valentina Perrone, Peyton Grba
Children are rebellious and should listen to their parents' guidance
Created by Karen Ptashek
Task 1~Vocab
If your parents told you to make a decision that you knew for a fact was bad, would you do it anyways? I know I would not. For example, if your parents told you that you should do something illegal, smoke, or drink at a young age, would you put all of your trust in their opinion?
In an article posted by CNN, a 18 year old teen created a “lawsuit against her mother and father for financial support and college tuition”. I agree with the teen who was recently abused, mistreated, and insulted by her parents. She chose to take action against the unfair treatment by her parents. Although it was her parents she was being rebellious against, she fought against them and won.
Also, the statement “children are rebellious and should listen to their parents’ guidance” is false and I disagree with the statement. In “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, there is an example of kids not obeying their parents. Hermia’s dad disagrees with her decision to be in love with Lysander and wants her to marry Demetrius. Hermia does not agree with her father and rebels against him. She then runs away into the woods to escape from her father’s control.
In conclusion, I agree with the fact that children can tend to be rebellious a lot, but I completely disagree with the statement that children should always listen to their parents’ guidance and instructions.
Task 7~Annotations
Task 11~Editorial
Task 2 ~ Reading Comprehension Questions
1-2 karen ptashek, 3-4 valentina perrone, 5-6 jake nelson, 7 peyton grba
By Jake Nelson
Task 10~video to film comparison
by Karen Ptashek
When I compared the text to the fim there were many similiraties and many differences. Our scene was in which Helena and Lysander go to sleep and Robin mistakes them for the fighting couple that Obreon told him about. Robin puts the love potion on Lysanders eyes then Lysander falls in love with Hermia, then Helena awakes and Lysander is gone. Some of the things that were the same in the text to film wer the lines, te play/acting, and expretions. Some of the the things that were different in the text to film were that Lysander takes of al his cloths, Robin whispers, and there is a bike and horn in the movie. I thought that the characters chosen for the movie and represented the character in the book well. That is my text to film comparison!
Task 5~Track theme paragraphs
Task 3~ Individual Allusion Project
by Jake Nelson
by Valentina Perrone
1)After Obreon anoited Titania with tthe necter when she awakens she will fall in love with the first vile thing she sees.

2)In the spell Obreon set for Titania she tells her to wake when something vile is near.

3) She is tired of chasing Demetrius, and is jealous of Hermia, and Hermia's beauty, because Demetrius likes Hermia but not Helena, and that makes Helena think she is ugly. I think this speech conveys a sad, jealous feeling. It is sad, because Helena is sad that Demetrius doesn't love her, and Helena is jealous of Hermia's beauty that Demetrius is in love with.

4) They disagree on not sleeping in the same area or close together. It is important, because since they are not sleeping close together, Puck thinks that Lysander needs the love drops and then Helena sees Lysander on the ground after chasing Demetrius and thinks he is dead and wakes him and then he falls in love with Helena, and then Hermia and Helena get into a big fight.

5) When Puck calls Lysander a lack-love, he is basically saying that he is bad at loving. When Puck misunderstands the situation, he ruins the relationship between all of the friends instead of only half.

6) Helena thinks Lysander is mocking her because he was just moments before deeply in love with Hermia. This shows that Helena cares about her relationship with Hermia and doesn't want o mess it up by loving Lysander.


Task 9~ Prose, Poetry, and Figurative Language
by Valentina Perrone
These 10 elements enhance the writing, because of all the features they add to the writing. Figurative language can create images for the reader, or the reader can imagine the picture it can paint. The reader could also think of something different when the author says something, but the author could mean something different and that makes using these 10 terms fun to use, and read. This shows how "I'm as ugly as a bear"(II.i.94) makes the writing piece funny and confusing because she is pretty but thinks she is ugly, because Demetrius doesn't love her, he loves Hermia. Also when Shakespeare wrote that "Transparent Helena!"(II.i.104), he could mean that Helena si transparent to people, or that, and the reader could think that he is just using figurative language, and that is what makes it interesting. Figurative Language can open up people imagination to different things.
by valentina perrone
task 8~
by Jake Nelson
Task 5 ~ Track Theme Paragraphs
In a Midsummer Night Dream,Lysander controlled Helena and Hermia. In the story, Lysander says "One turf shall serve as pillow for us both; One heart, one bed, two bosoms and one troth." He is trying to persuade Hermia to sleep closer to him. He also tries to control Helena and says "Not Hermia but Helena I love". Lysander starts to like Helena instead because of the potion. He tries to control Hermia saying "O, take the sense, sweet, of my innocence!" and pleads with her. Lysander tries to control Helena by threatening Demetrius and saying "Where is Demetrius? O, how fit a word Is that vile name to perish on my sword!". The results of the attempts is that Lysander gives up against Hermia and states "Here is my bed: sleep give thee all his rest!". The result against Helena is that Lysander chases her and is determined "To honour Helen and to be her knight!"
Task 5~Track theme paragrabhs by Karen Ptashek
Helana is a girl who goes after her love Lysander because she loves him. hen they go to sleep Helena make Lysander go to sleep some where else because it was not modest. This resulted in Robin thinking they were the coupe that didn't like each other.
Robin in my art goes after to find the man who hates the athenian maid he makes a mistake though when he sees Helena and Lysander seperate on the floor thinking that it was them.
Comic strip Peyton Grba
Task 5~Peyton Grba
Task 6~Wordle Peyton Grba
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