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on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Korea

Background of Korea
Population: approximately 74 million
Area of country: 219, 140km2
Largest city: Seoul
Currency: Won
Longest rivers: Nakdong River (South Korea) and the Yalu River (North Korea)
Highest mountains: Hallasan (South Korea) and Paektu (North Korea)
Summer is divided up into two periods: Jangma and Hanyorum
More than 60% of Korea's annual precipitation is concentrated between June and July
In August, it becomes extremely hot and humid and often rises to 38oC
In October, the continental air mass brings dry and clear weather
Celebrated as harvest festival - occasionally referred to as the Korean version of American Thanksgiving
"The sky is high and the horses get fat"
Begins in the middle of April in the central part of the country
Begins at the end of April towards the northern regions
Yellow sand dust (hwangsa) occasionally blows into Korea from Mongolia in early spring

Arctic air from interior Asian continent brings cold, dry weather and occasional snowfall
Monthly mean temperature during January is the coldest month with mean temperatures ranging from -5 degrees to 5 degrees
Winds are stronger in winter from December to February.
Korean cuisine
Car Manufacturers
The End :)
(The pugs have absolutely nothing to do with Korea, just wanted to put a cute little high-five at the end!)
We hope you enjoyed our project!

(The pugs had nothing to do with Korea, but we just wanted to put a cute little high-five at the end! :p)
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