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Philadelphia Eagles

No description

Liza Geyer

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles INFORMATION ! - Eagles were estblished in 1933. - Their original home field is Baker field. But their home field now is The Lincoln Financial Field. - They have won 3 NFL titles. - Thier Mascot's name is Swoop ! - Their Head coaches name is Andy Reid. - Their song is Fly or Eagles Fly ! Rivals! Dallas cowboys Washington Redskins New york Giants Hall Of Famer's! Chuck Bednarik Bert Bell Tom Brookshire Tommy Mcdonald Pete Pihos Steve Vanburen Reggie White Bill Campbell Charitable Activity In 1971Kim Hill the daughter of the eagles tight
end Fred Hill, Was dignoised with Leukimia. The team had dinners and fundraiser's to help with money. In 1972 the eagles owner officially reconized the Eagles Fly Leukemia as offical philanthropy of the Eagles Football Club. In 1974 off season year was the raise money for "The Eagles Fly of Leukemia." Were every weekend Eagles NFL team members joined to help raise awareness and funds. .......Over the last 30 years the raised over $10 million!! Starting Line-Up WR- Jeremy Maclin LT- Jason Peters LG- Todd Herremans C- Mike Mcgylnn RG- Max Jean-Gilles RT- Winston Justice TE- Brent Celek WR- Desean Jackson FB- Owen Schmitt RB- LeSean McCoy QB- Michael Vick The end(: Cheerleaders!
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