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Los Angeles

No description

Lara Treacy

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Los Angeles

Los Angeles
Presented By:

Robin Chinn, Kaedy Fischer,
Rachael Haber and Lara Treacy
Part 1:
Cost Of Living

Part 2:
The Industry

Part 3:

Part 4:
Survival Jobs

1 bedroom apartment in city center: $1511.65
1 bedroom apartment out of center: $1076.11
3 bedroom apartment in city center: $2620.00
3 bedroom apartment out of center: $1830.00

Price per square meter to buy in the center of the city: $4663.13

Price per square meter to buy out of city center: $2186.11

Basics total: $113.92

Internet and cable: $38
Restaurants can get pricey, but you can always find a reasonably priced restaurant anywhere.

Their grocery store prices are fairly normal and actually low.
Highland Park: Great for your 20's.

Culver City: Good for couples in their 30's

Mar Vista: Best area to start a family
Temp Work
Personal Trainer
Video Editor
Temp jobs are very popular in Los Angeles
-flexible times for actors
-allows room for night jobs
-can make up to $12-$20/hour
Easy to balance with auditions
Audition during the day, bartend at night
Huge night scene
A ton of bars, clubs and restaurants
You can drive!
There is also a metro system
with a monthly pass for $75
Let's be real-everyone looks better in LA, so they work to look good
You make your own
-hours, how many clients, how much you get paid
Some gyms offer free memberships for trainers/teachers

Someone will always need video footage edited
Learn how to use IMovie or edit videos
Pays really well
Great for people who love kids
You can be a family's "go-to" babysitter if you establish a good relationship

Modern Family
Mad Men
True Blood
Battle Creek
The Office

Grant, Savic, Kopaloff and Associates
Hanlon Talent Agency
JS Represents, Talent Agency

Agency for the Performing Arts
Creative Artists Agency
Diverse Talent Group
The Gersh Agency
International Creathive Management
Osbrink Agency
United Talent Agnecy
WME Entertainment
LA Models
CESD Talent Agnecy
Tribute Productions Talent and Entertainment
LA Talent
Coast To Coast Talent Group
The Savage Agency
Daniel Hoff Agency
Peter Strain and Associates, Inc.
The Corsa Agency
Otto Models
SDB Partners, Inc.
Todd Shemarya Artist Inc.
The Candance Lake Agency
The Chasin Agency
Bresler Kelly and Associate
Global Artists Agency
Larchmont Literary Agency

LA lies on a hilly coastal plain with the Pacific Ocean as southern and western boundaries
Numerous canyons and valleys
City stretches North to the Santa Monica Mountains & San Gabriel Mountains to the east
Summer-dry and sunny
Warmest month is August
Winter-wet and rainy
Coldest month is January

Griffith Observatory
Santa Monica Pier
Getty Museum
Beverly Hills
Sunset Boulevard

Night Life
Hollywood improv Comedy Club
or the Laugh Factory! :)

Downtown LA-vibrant nightlife. L.A LIVE and numerous bars and nightclubs
Los Angeles Theatre (http://www.los-angeles-theatre.com/index_musical.php)
Loew’s State Theatre
Ahmanson Theatre
Pantages Theatre
The Pasadena Playhouse (Equity actors)
DOMA Theatre Company at The Met Theatre (Nominated for Several Ovation Awards)
Crown City Theatre Company
Musical Theatre Guild
Festival of New American Musicals
A Very Special Interview
Film L.A.
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival
Django Unchained (Some parts)
The Dark Knight
Iron Man movies
Inception (Some parts)


Dance Companies
The L.A. Contemporary Dance Company (LACDC) is a repertory dance company based in downtown Los Angeles that performs a diverse repertoire of modern, ballet and jazz influenced works representative of L.A.’s vibrant culture.
Choreography, composition, dance, interns

The L.A. DanceMagic Company provides young people a transition from student to professional dancer. Company members are trained in all areas of dance and are taught the business aspects of entertainment. Members train with and perform choreography by the faculty of L.A. DanceMagic. Members are required to commit to the program and rules set forth by the Company.


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