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Need to hire: Most Wanted

No description

Masah Kalugin

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of Need to hire: Most Wanted

Workshop overview
We will explore four phases of the hiring process:

1. Initiate
2. Source
3. Select
4. Hire
Need to hire: Most Wanted
This interview training is intended for those of you who are both new to conducting interviews and seasoned interviewers who want to enhance your skills.
Recruiting where and how
EA.com content
EA Branded videos
Postings/Job boards
Social networks
EAInsider Program

Networking events
Pipeline building
EA's sourcing team

Candidate experience
"Living in Vancouver" city document
Initiating city tours for senior talent
Interview swag
Interview process
Interview experience survey

Community events
Open houses
Studio closures
University Relations
Identify the role
Approval of requisition by leadership
Submit request through RMO tool
Initiate kick off meeting with your recruiting partner
Questions to ask!
Do we still need the role?
Could another team member assume the responsibilities?
Does the role meet immediate and longer term needs?
Could we outsource it?
Are there any skill set gaps on my team I can close by including those skills in the requirements?
How can I leverage this new position to take my whole team to the next level?
Am I ready to hire now?
Creating compelling job descriptions

Provides a realistic job preview for candidates
Creates structure for interview process
Ensures consistency across interviewers
Establishes a standard for making hiring decisions
Location: Stockholm
We are now looking for a Senior MySQL Database Engineer. The IT team is absolutely critical to the success of EA. To build world class games, it is vital to ensure that EA technology is not only stable but is on the cutting edge. There are a variety of different roles within IT Support, and each comes with its own set of requirements, expectations, and responsibilities. Roles include Desktop Support Manager; Desktop Support Technician/Technical Support; Infrastructure Support Manager; IT Director; IT Technician Systems Administrator.
Role Overview
Technology Stewardship:
Demonstrates a sound understanding of EA functional / business objectives that drive and shape technology requirements and design deliverables
Possesses, develops, and applies knowledge of trends, relevant system development technologies and methodologies
Ensures quality and consistency of design, development (if applicable), testing, and integration testing cycles and deliverables, adhering to Architecture, PMO, and compliance guidelines
Collaborates with other engineers and architects to drive guidelines, methodologies, and documentation
Drives continuous improvement; may include design, definition of roadmaps, standardization of processes and methodologies
Collaborates and maintains working relationships with appropriate technology vendor contacts and peer company contacts
Solution Delivery and Support:
Closely partners with customers to assess feasibility, complexity, and scope of new capabilities and solutions
Ensures that all capabilities delivered align with original business objectives, service levels, IT strategies, and design intent
Participates in design / development estimating and scheduling
Drives and leads technical design services, including requirements analysis, functional/technical design leadership, and documentation / review with business and IT constituents
For customer-facing systems/applications – maintains training materials, user documentation, provides support to training programs and other forms of user education (if applicable)
Prepares technical quality enter/exit gates for design, integration testing, and deployment
Defines standards, procedures, and guidelines for Level 1 and 2 (basic / intermediate) support
Provides Level 3 (advanced) technical expertise; Oversight and accountability for resolution of outages, service level issues, and user/customer support needs in coordination with other support groups and teams
Manages and maintains appropriate development and test environments to support production and solution delivery / projects
Ensures technical documentation is kept up to date (run books, process diagrams, system information, technical documents)
Demonstrates strong partnership with other Service Delivery teams in the successful execution of standard processes and adoption of service paradigms (incident management, problem management, release management, change management, etc…)
Participates in the CM (Change Management) process and the deployment of solutions to the production environment
Maintains overall responsibility for quality of production deployments
Oversees future implementations and/or upgrades and ensure that support standards are in place
Defines proactive activities and tasks required for optimization of stability, performance and architecture

and it continues....
Perform special projects and departmental initiatives as needed
 What skills does EA look for?
BS or MS in Computer Management Information Systems or 7+ years of related experience.
An advanced degree in software engineering is also desirable.
Must be able to work within Global IT and business team
Demonstrated ability to work in a sourced model using onsite/offshore model
Must be able to conduct systems analysis and translate user requirements into business solutions
Exhibit strong problem-solving skills
Excellent verbal and written communication, interpersonal, conflict resolution, and customer service skills
Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, high volume, deadline-driven environment
Proven project leadership skills with the ability to multi-task, delegate and prioritize tasks.
Professionalism in dealing with all levels of management and staff
Ability to plan and deliver cost effective results.
Position Requires the following Skills:
BS and/or 10+ years experience.
7+ years MySQL DBA experience
Experience in designing and building databases.
Expert understanding of technology systems and infrastructure
Defines best practices and technology roadmaps
Expert knowledge of technology and software design and deployment principles
Excellent capabilities around capacity planning and analysis.
Ability to articulate end-to-end technical requirements across delivery functions
Can design frameworks for effectively solving complex business problems
Can define IT processes and services to align with EA business needs
Ensures alignment of technology roadmaps to EA’s business
Provides recommendations on direction to Senior IT Management
Works with internal and external organizations solving complex problems and handling large scale projects
Works with vendors and suppliers.
General Information
As part of the application process we might ask you to perform a practical work test. The position is permanent and applications will be selected continuously. Apply online with a combined Resume and introduction letter in English.

Include a brief overview of your team / group header
Core responsibilities
Explains what it takes to be successful in the role
Convey minimum requirements
What is your sell?
1. Think about your sell messaging
Sell your chosen candidate on EA, the position and your team
The candidate needs to chose and want to come to EA

2. Everyone on the interview has a part in helping the candidate make the decision
You are critical!
You are the expert

Your feedback is critical to the hiring process

Consider both types of candidates
Active candidates:
Ready to move
Actively searching
Shows an interest in EA
Quick recruiting process

Passive candidates
Not actively looking
They were sourced
Successful and content
Need to sell them on making the move to EA
How can you help?
Build and maintain a robust network:

Social networks
Industry contacts
Internal contacts
Professional associations
Select your interview team carefully
Select team members to interview that are good ambassadors for EA, understand they are involved and who will provide solid feedback.

Pair new interviewers with seasoned interviewers.
Structure your interviews
Once an interview team has been decided upon, structure interview questions and topics. No one wants to be asked the same questions over and over.
Example of a good interview structure
Interview skill set: Gameplay Engineer

DD - Overall team/project fit (1 hour)
Lead SE - Technical Interview/white boarding session (1 hour)
Gameplay SE3 - Deep dive into gameplay (1 hour)
Wrap up with recruitment (30 minutes)
No last minute changes please
If you're unable to make the interview, please give us as much notice as possible.
Taking the chance to talk up EA!
How would you answer these questions

What is EA's business climate?
How is EA positioning itself for future success?
How would you evaluate your competition?
How do you see the gaming industry evolving?
How to "WOW"
Introduce yourself and tell them about your role
Talk about your team
Discus how awesome it is to work at EA
Express appreciation
Remember talent is assessing company, position and team
It's a small world! Talent can be a future co-worker, customer, partner or buyer of our games.
Everyone has a network and people talk!
While you're "WOW'ING", keep in mind....
Chill, don't grill

Imagine the possibilities

Act as a representative

Allow 10 minutes at the end for them to ask you questions
Common interview pitfalls
Halo/Horn effect
Comparing apples to oranges
Talking too much
Illegal questions
Avoiding pitfalls
Follow a structured interview approach
Ask questions to identify job competencies
Interview against the job requirements
Value diversity of thought
Encourage talent to share examples
Do not use any illegal information disclosed by the candidate in your hiring
Effective Feedback via Feedback Survey or Debrief Meetings
Draw your own conclusions.
Conduct debriefs same day or within 24 hours
Collect hire or no hire recommendations
Decide on next steps quickly. Many times talent has multiple offers on the table
Keys to Your Hiring Success
Make a timely decision
Make the offer - sell, sell, sell
Close the recruiting process
They've Accepted, Now What?
Celebrate the decision

Stay in touch from acceptance to start

Ensure all new hire documentation is completed for IT and facilities

Probing Questions

Fact Finding Questions:
Describe the project?
Give a snapshot of beginning/ending?
What were the big challenges?
What was the environment like?
Skills used, learned, applied?
Describe changes made?
Three examples of initiative?
Discuss successes, failures?
Describe planning, management?
Did you achieve the plan?
Biggest problems, how resolved?
Biggest decisions, how made?
What would you do differently?
How did you grow as a person?
What did you like best, least?
Describe recognition received?

Team Fact Finding:
Describe team, your role?
What were team objectives?
Were goals met, unmet, why?
Examples of helping others?
Examples of coaching others?
Describe handling conflict?
Biggest team failures, why?
Planning, managing, follow up?
How did you get better?
How could you be better?
What did you learn about self?
Any team, individual credit?
What did you like best, least?
Refer to Behavior Interview Guide
75% of job seekers said that the look and feel of a job posting influences their decision to apply and they typically spend less than 30 seconds reviewing a post
Your EA Recruiter
Supports multiple teams and business units
Recruits across all disciplines and levels
Assesses both active and passive talent
Reviews employee referrals and internal mobility
Screens out 90% of applicants that may apply or express an interest
See handout
Remember the perks
Health: Coverage and healthy lifestyle programs.
Compensation: Great salaries, annual bonus and stock awards.
Perks: Games, on-site gym, concierge, outreach, free parking, etc!
Family: Benefits to help support your family.
Time off: Everyone needs time off to rest and relax.
Relocation: For when inter company opportunities arise.
Top-notch onboarding experience
Personalize their welcome
Take care of logistics ahead of time: workspace set up, IT, equipment
Pick the employee up after orientation
Designate someone for their first day lunch
Send a welcome/introduction email to the team
Introduce them to key people
Have them sit on meetings, as appropriate
Make onboarding an interactive progress, not an information dump.
Follow up on regular intervals to assess progress and any help they need

Start by defining success
Hiring is about meeting a need, not filling a seat. Start by defining what a successful hire will accomplish in their first year on the job, and work backwards from there to lock in your hiring criteria.
Protected Grounds and Questions to Avoid
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