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Pretty Little Liars

Media Criticism

saran toure

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Pretty Little Liars

Saran Toure
Kimberly Stephens
Brittany Kiser
Alyssa Luberto
Annie Plowman
Kaila Flood Pretty Little Liars Introduction Thesis Statement Text Centered
Semiotics Semiotics Semiotics Production-centered
Ideological analysis Ideological Analysis Welcome to the universe of Pretty Little Liars The ideologies embedded within the text of Pretty Little Liars are a reflection of the power of television in the media saturated society in which we live. Signs create a code. Signs reveal a deeper meaning within a text. Values and Ideas embedded
in Pretty Little Liars Ideology of Beauty/ Appearance Trailer Aria Hannah A Spencer Emily Hannah Marion Spencer Hasting Emily Fields Aria Montgomery everywhere power T.V Society ideology media pretty little liars A Shush!!!! Dirty Secrets!!! Pretty Lies A Be afraid Look out Knows Everything Beauty
Gender Role
Consumerism Appearance Femininity vs Masculinity $ Buy Alison Dilaurenis Dominant Elite

Controls her friends

Peer Pressure

Ulterior Motives Spencer Hastings Perfectionist and over achiever

She stands up to both her friends and family when she feels it’s necessary

Often speaks her mind

From a well off family that expects perfection in everything she attempts

A reflection of the ideology that the upper class is superior “Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret” Allison's Flashback “Friends share secrets, that’s what keeps us close” Aria Montgomery Creative and artistic

Close with her parents (she knows their secrets)

Involved in a romantic relationship with her English teach

The most alternative of the four girls.

She is constantly dealing with things someone her age shouldn’t be expected to deal with and portrayed as mature Hanna "Hefty Hanna" Ideological Analysis Ideology of Gender Role Emily Fields Student Athlete: talented swimmer

Closeted Lesbian at first but later coming out (mom very upset about it initially)

Very conservative family

Struggled a bit with her identity but coming to term with it

Most sensitive and compassionate out of all the girls

Various relationship: Maya (first love), Paige, Samara Ideology of Gender Role Emily goes against the norm by being a lesbian but she still illustrates the construct of femininity

The show still chooses to not violate typical gender roles and portrays her as a very feminine lesbian vs a masculine one

Still shown as a woman, fitting into that gender role and its expectations: beautiful, long hair, sexy, feminine, gentle,as expected by society for a woman
Short hair, boyish, tough attitude which
represent masculinity We accept those gender roles & representation of femininity as natural/ normal without questioning them.

When in fact they serve/reflect the interest of the dominant group here: men Ideology of Gender Role cont... Ideology of Consumerism The show promotes a culture of consumerism with multitude of clothes, shoes, purses etc..showcased on episodes & available to buy on the Pretty Little Liars website

Actress playing Emily ( Mitchell) is the new face of Pantenne: Product placement

Notice how ideology of consumerism serves the people that benefit from our consumption: Pantenne corporation
& Pretty Little Liars clothing website. Audience-Centered Audience Ethnography Audience Ethnography So what? Pretty Little Liars may seem like a typical show for teen girls, yet in reality it is an excellent example of the power of television to shape our social worlds

It’s easy to see how the power of this media text shapes our daily lives; who we hang out with, what we wear, how we behave, even how we view ourselves "Diamonds and Channel" Socio World Socio-Cultural Criticism Social Role Analysis:

Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily; friends, daughters and, girlfriends Image/ Depiction Analysis:
adolescents; adults Social Value Analysis:

It is ok to lie to protect the one’s you loveBeauty/appearance is important the more you lie the deeper trouble you’re in Femininity Masculinity Identity Crisis Lesbian Make-up Head-to-toe Fashion Lipstick Small waist skinny Nails Buy some More $ $ Pretty Little Liars website Pantenne Products Brands Audience Characters Emulate Ethnography Clothes Purses Student Daughter Friend Girlfriend Sister Social Values Social role Brands My Favorite Characters
Clothes Marc Jacobs Polyvore Ideas & Values embedded Circulated Through Pretty Little
Liars Saran Kimberly Brittany Alyssa Annie Kaila Media Power PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Thank You Lies Pretty Shush!!!! Dirty Secrets!!!
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