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Copy of Disney Organizational Design

No description

Renata Petrilovskaja

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Disney Organizational Design

Tanee Traimas
Xieyin Liang
Christina Ola
Nusi Miskdeen
Maria Vazquez
Jessica Ramos
HISTORY The Walt Disney Company started
in 1923 over in Burbank, California
Founders are Walt and his brother Roy Disney
First produced a series of short
live-action/animated films.
After several years of planning and construction,
Disney finally created its first amusement
park opened July 17, 1955 in Florida
The underlying principles that guide Disney
Corporation are innovation, quality, community,
optimism and decency.
You can dream, create, and build the most
wonderful place on earth, but it takes people
to make that dream a reality.
The company culture is very important in
keeping the employees engaged in the mission
set forth by The Walt Disney Company.
We will examine Walt Disney Company’s design,
structure and culture which all plays an
important role in Disney’s success.
Organizational Design “Dreaming in Team”.
Disney executives delegate to their employees
the power and liberty to use their creativity,
they not only foster the innovation,
they demand for it.
“Blue Sky”
is the name of the brainstorming
that all the personal and designers
specially do
to present their ideas,
discuss them
and get to an agreement.

Giants Small If business survives how far
how fast it will grow?

Businesses have a choice
to expand or stay small

Disney choice
CHOOSE Erickson's core values
Disney's mission statement
Ties that Bind Started with a vision
Implementation of the concept
Competing By Design Disney’s organizational design varies

Structures will change in time
Disney in Hong Kong Reason of building Disney in HK
China with large population &
fast growing developing country
Tourism city(HK)
Potential of Chinese market
Chinese Culture affecting Disney
Incorporated company jointly owned by
The Walt Disney Company and
the Government of Hong Kong
Location selection using Chinese culture –
Feng Shui
Disney characters wearing Chinese traditional
custom during Lunar Chinese New Year
Organizing the company with close relationship
with Central government in China - Guangxi
Disneyland jointly owned Walt Disney Company and local government
Hong Kong Government held a 57% stake
The Walt Disney Company had 43%
After expansion: Hong Kong Government’s holding were reduced to 52%, while the Walt Disney Company’s shares increased to 48%.
Prevent foreign Company suffering
any negative impact due to Culture
Better control of risk, cost of
investment and return on investment

Doing successful business in China means having a good relationship network with government
Helping foreign company to understand barriers of doing business in China
make better decisions and help Disney culture avoid offending Chinese cultures
Strategy Lessons From Disney Their structure surrounds a
“direction” and “process”,
rather than the ideas of higher
Embed a selling point for your
workers and customers that no one can
compare to.
Creativity is key
Create a lifestyle in your design.
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