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A Wedding Many Years Ago

No description

MarieSmith Smith

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of A Wedding Many Years Ago

On the wedding day, all the wedding party and their families gathered at my parent’s [sic] home. The wedding was at eight o’clock in the morning.
A Wedding Many Years Ago
It was a very disturbing time and it looked like we might go to war. The government was drafting young men and John was classified as 4C.
Written by Christine (Pustejovsky) Polansky
That meant he would not be drafted soon. We decided to get married because of the classification.
We set our wedding date and from then on time went by terribly fast.
We went to see Father Polcak, the priest who married us. We made an appointment with him and he counseled us in one session only.
The day before the wedding, they came again and brought hens and some fryers (young chickens). The hens were used for baking and dressing. My parents raised more fryers than usual that year and these were used to make fried chicken.
The men butchered a large hog. They made it into sausage and the lard was used to fry the chickens. All the kids, who were there, were put to work too. Our wedding was on a Monday, so the kids were not in school that whole weekend. There was a lot of food eaten those two days before the wedding. That’s why everyone brought so much food from home.
The day was misty in the morning, but later it cleared up and we had a very beautiful and warm November day. After church everyone came to my parents’ home. All the men folks sat outside and visited. The kids all played outside too. There was beer and soda water, to everyone’s pleasure.
We then moved to John’s parents' home...
...and started our new life together.
We started preparing for our wedding about three months before we got married.
Two days before the wedding our aunts and some uncles came and helped. The men put up stoves and tables and chairs that were borrowed from different places. The women baked cakes and kolaches.
Each Aunt would bring her cake pans, kolache pans, dishes, pots and silverware. There were no paper plates in those days. Most of the dishes had to be borrowed. Our Aunts also brought eggs, milk, sugar, butter, lard, canned fruits and vegetables.
Our parents gave us our marriage blessing and then we all went to church.
John Jerome Polansky
Christine (Pustejovsky) Polansky
They all came and we did all of our planning that night. We had four bridesmaids, four groomsmen and two witnesses.
We had no telephone and I didn’t know how to drive. There was much work to be done in the fields and our parents could not help us.
John and I spent our wedding night at my parents' home. We had no wedding trip or honeymoon. The next day, people came and picked up their pots, pans, and dishes. They also helped clean up. John and my dad returned all the stoves, chairs and tables.
Everyone helped clean the chickens. All the chicken meat and other raw meat was [sic] put into a bathtub on ice and covered with ice.
We could not do too much work ahead of time because there were no freezers or refrigerators.
We picked out our wedding party and I sent each one a card so they could meet at my parent’s [sic] home.
We had two meals, a dinner at twelve o’clock and a supper around six o’clock. My dad, John Pustejovsky, had a large sack of candy and stood on the front porch and was throwing it to the kids. They had a lot of fun. I think everyone enjoyed everything.
After supper, everyone went to our wedding dance. It was at St. Joseph’s Hall and the Skopik band furnished the music.
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