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Chapter 4 - Project Integration Management

Information Technology Project Management, Fifth Edition

Narimah Jamali

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 4 - Project Integration Management

Project Integration Management *INTRODUCTION





P65634 HANIM
P65687 Group 3 Prof. Madya Dr. YAZRINA BINTI YAHYA Our beloved lecturer: What? How? When? Why? Who? “The processes and activities needed to integrate the various elements of project management, which are identified, defined, combined, unified, and coordinated within the Project Management Process Groups.”

What is Project Integration Management
PMBOK® Guide – Third Edition INTEGRATION PROCESS Project Charter Preliminary Scope Statement Project Management Plan Direct & Manage Execution Monitor & Control Project Work Integrated Change Control Close Project Project Manager – Integrator for the project that executes processes

Team Members – Concentrate on completing tasks, activities & work packages

Project Sponsor – Protect project from changes and losing resources Manage change and communication
Reduce project time and cost
Involve stakeholders early and often
Make results visible
Identify problems/solutions early
Use relevant experience as early as possible When? Who? Why? INTEGRATION PROCESS PROJECT CHARTER PRELIMINARY SCOPE STATEMENT PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN DIRECT & MANAGE EXECUTION Formal document that recognizes the project and provides direction on the project’s objective & management
Includes fundamental information used to authorize and establish the basis for a project. ie: Project Title and Description, Project Manager Assigned and Authority Level
Owned by upper management /project sponsor Document used to develop & confirm common understanding of the project scope
Identifies and describes all work necessary to produce the final product
Guide for all future project decision Take the time; Do it right; Enjoy the ride! Document used to coordinate all project planning documents and help guide a project’s execution and control
Owned by the project manager
Common elements: Overview, Scope, Schedule,Costs, Project team, Communication, Risk, Baselines Involves managing and performing the work described in the project management plan
Majority of time and money is usually spent on execution
Tools & Technique: Project management methodology &Project management information systems MONITOR AND CONTROL PROJECT WORK INTEGRATED CHANGE CONTROL CLOSE PROJECT Monitoring and controlling the processes used to initiate, plan execute, and close the project to meet the performance objectives defined in the project management plan.
Compare actual project performance against the project management plan" and to deduce trends and actions which are able to support the meeting of the project targets.

Tools & Technique:
1. Project Management Methodology
2. Project Management Information System 3. Earned Value Management
4. Expert Judgment Performed throughout the project lifecycle and involves controlling factors that :
1. create changes
2. ensure that the changes are advantageous to the organization
3. verifying that changes have occurred, 4. managing the changes

i.e. :
1. reviewing all change requests,
2. approving or denying changes (or requiring additional information),
3. controlling changes to the deliverables.

Tools & Technique:
1. Project Management Methodology
2. Project Management Information System
3. Expert Judgment 1. The close project process is essentially the process in which all activities, work, and tasks that make up the entirety of a project are finalized.
2. Refers to the closing of all activities across all project groups.

Consists of just two very important processes –
1. close project or phase,
2. close procurements, the project is not completed once the customer has accepted the end-product.

Tools & Technique:
1. Project Management Methodology
2. Project Management Information System
3. Expert Judgment PM Responsibility For Change Influence factors that affect change
Ensure change is beneficial
Determine if a change has occurred
Determine if a change is needed
Look for alternatives to change
Minimize negative impact from change
Notify Stakeholders impacted by change
Managing those changes that do occur according to project plan PM Responsibility for Change Using Software to Assist in Project Integration Management Several types of software can be used to assist in project integration management
Documents can be created with word-processing software
Presentations are created with presentation software
Tracking can be done with spreadsheets or databases
Communication software like e-mail and Web authoring tools facilitate communications
Project management software can pull everything together and show detailed and summarized information
Business Service Management (BSM) tools track the execution of business process flows Using Software to Assist in Project Integration Management Key Success Factor Project managers must coordinate all of the other knowledge areas throughout a project’s life cycle
Many new project managers have trouble looking at the “big picture” and want to focus on too many details (See opening case for a real example)
Project integration management is not the same thing as software integration KEY SUCCESS FACTOR Integration Management Summary Know the integration management processes and where they belong
Project plan documents the basis for all project decisions
Understand the authority and limits of authority of the project manager
All changes should be guided by the processes in the project plan Integration Management Summary THANK YOU!
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