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Keeping the YouTube Generation Engaged

No description

Cynthia Chin-Lee

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Keeping the YouTube Generation Engaged

Keeping the YouTube Generation Engaged
Grace Hopper Conference, Oct. 2013

Take advantage of 3D CAD data
Lightweight, email-able
Free! (created by Engineering)
Customers bored?
Answer: animation

Youtube link
Traditional instructions
Pitched by SPARC media designer (Mike Bloomenfeld)
Brought in partner (Training)
Sold to Management
Used by executives, engineering, service, customers, sales, partners

Relatively cheap to create
Benefits Many
Keeping up with the competition

Photography-based Animation

Out-sourced animator

US-based animator
Choices, Choices
Our original process
Our evolution
Phase 1: 3D data-driven Animated PDF (Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration, Electric Image)

Phase 2: 3D data-driven HTML and MP4 (Camtasia)

Phase 3: 3D data and live-action video (Camtasia)
PDF-only animation
YouTube playlist

On docs.oracle.com
Oracle Learning Library
Linked in manuals
Got Feedback?
Rate and Review the session using the GHC Mobile App

To download visit www.gracehopper.org

What does it look like?
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