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Copy of debating

No description

Justin Carter

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of debating

GUN CONTROL What is it? Gun control is any law, policy, practice, or proposal designed to restrict or limit the possession, production, importation, shipment, sale, and/or use of guns or other firearms by private citizens. Most commonly the guns in question are personal firearms, typically handguns and long guns. Why are Americans talking about gun-control? What is a debate? DEBATE A debate is
an argument about a subject in an organised way in which two opposite arguments are put forward. Why learn to debate? Who debates in real life? When do people debate? Let's look at an example of a presidential debate... The Topic - also called "The motion"
an Example:
Students at Kang Chiao should not get any homework. The Proposition Team:
They AGREE with the topic or "motion". The Opposition Team:
They DISAGREE with the motion! The First Proposition Speech
is the opening speech made by the Proposition team
3 minutes The First Opposition
is the opening speech made by the opposition team
(3 minutes) The Second Proposition
is the second and more detailed speech made by the proposition team
(5 minutes) The Second Opposition
is the second more detailed speech made by the oppositon team
(5 minutes) The Opposition Summary and rebuttal
(2 minutes) The Proposition Summary and rebuttal
(2 minutes) Basketball has rules. Debates have rules too! Basketball uses special words. Debating uses special words too! What kinds of things do people debate about? Do children debate at other schools around the world? Both have two teams! Did you know that basketball and debating are quite similar? OK - SO you already know a lot about basketball! Now let's look at debates rules and words! REMEMBER
The proposition team argues for the motion REMEMBER
The opposition team argues against the motion SO,
what would be some great topics for us to debate? To say it simply:
A debate is an ORGANISED ARGUMENT between two opposing teams After looking at this, how important do you think some debates are? YES YES YES Both have a winner and a loser!! Do you know some of the special words used only for basketball? So how many people on a debating team? Did you guess
3? And how many teams? Did you guess 2? So how many students do you need to have a debate? Did you guess 6? This video shows it nicely... But you are forgetting somebody important! The chairperson!! How to debate Ordinary people should not be able to buy guns... Kang Chiao students should wear school uniforms... US beef should be sold in Taiwan... We should NOT be sending rovers to Mars when people on earth are starving... Now, let's choose our debating teams and topics! Now that you know your team, the team you will debate against and your topic or "motion", we need to learn how to debate well!!! PLANNING YOUR SPEECHES You will need to research your side of the argument You will need to back up your opinions with facts You will need effective communication skills You must be confident in what you say! You will need to show respect for other debaters
LISTEN You must be ready to challenge your opposing team!
(rebuttal) Watching television is bad! Humans are basically bad! Ban boxing Who is in your team of 3?
Which team will you debate against?
What will be the topic of your debate?
Which speech will each person in your team do? 2 teams
Proposition team
Opposition team
Did you see the rebuttal? Find other students who enjoy the same topic and who agree or disagree with you! Global warming is a hoax
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