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Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Shayne Henry

on 19 June 2010

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Transcript of Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! Who, Spiderman? What? No, that's a restaurant, not a day. No, today is that special day when we honor the most important man in a boy's life. No, actually I was talking about... Mean Joe Greene? No! I...wait, "Mean Joe Greene"? What is this a Happy Father's Day presentation from 1975? Actually, I was talking about a boy's FATHER! After all, it is Father's Day. Uhh... (Cricket cricket) What is Father's Day again? (Sigh) I guess we'll have to take this from the top. Allow me to introduce...Sonora Smart Dodd! Aaahhh!! She's hideous! Take the picture away!! Would you stop that?! Sonora Smart Dodd was a really important person--she was the inventor of the modern Father's Day that we celebrate today. Her father was a single parent/Civil War veteran, and she started a Father's Day celebration at the local YMCA in his honor way back in 1910. 1910? You mean like black and white photos and hand-crank cars and William Taft getting stuck in bathtubs? Uhh, sure, whatever. Anyway, ever since then, countries around the world have celebrated the one-of-a-kind role that fathers fufill--strength, support, and love. Guess what today is! Ooo, I know! It's International Day of Pancakes! Ohhh, I get it now--strength, support, and love. So THAT'S why Shayne had us come here today. Yes! We're here to tell Rick that Shayne will always appreciate and love him for everything he has been in Shayne's life and that he, Tate, and Paige could not have ever asked for a better dad. Dad, I Want to wish you a great Father's day for a great father! I love you! Oh yeah, erm, Father's Day...uhh.. Yay! All together now, everyone! Happy Father's Day! Happy Father's Day!
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