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Romeo and Juliet: Lesson One: Context

No description

Mr Donovan

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet: Lesson One: Context

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You had some facts about Shakespeare and
Romeo and Juliet
given to you when you entered the classroom.
William Shakespeare
No women were allowed on the stage in the Globe.
Elizabeth the First, would come to the Globe to watch plays and she would have a personal box.
By the end of the session:-
Fact One
William between 1590-1612 wrote 37 plays including Romeo and Juliet.
Fact Three
Shakespeare was the main playwright for the Globe Theatre in London.
Fact Two
There were four types of Shakespeare plays including comedy, tragedy, history and romances.
The Lords Chamberlain`s Men were a group of actors who performed at the Globe.
In the Globe people could stand if they were poor and could pay a penny.
The play was written in
Romeo and Juliet Context
Romeo and Juliet: Lesson One: Context
You will explore some facts about Shakespeare (A03).
Explore the history of Romeo and Juliet (A03) and Shakespeare (A03).
Think whether the


Then speak to the
next to you about whether they think its
true or false
Finally, come and stick the
laminated sheet
on the board.
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare was born in Stratford Upon Avon.
William`s father was a glove maker.
William was 18 when he married Ann Hathaway. They had three children. Two were twins Hamnet and Judith.
William was a dramatist for the Lords Chamberlain`s Men.
It is about round a
3rd Century love poem
by Arthur Brooke.
The period was called the
Elizabethan era
and this spanned from
. It was a time when religion, politics, music and art were changing.
Put one fact about:
The Globe
Romeo and Juliet
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