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The 5 Characteristics of living things

Ms. Mirshafie

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of The 5 Characteristics of living things

What is Life?
The 5 Characteristics of Living Things

The Five Characteristics of Living things (Organisms)
All organisms must respond and adopt to changes in their environment.
All living things grow and develop.
All Living things reproduce
All living things obtain and use energy
Characteristics of Organisms-
All organisms must have all five of these characteristics. If even one is missing, then it is not an organism
All organisms need energy to survive. This energy may come from the sun (Photosynthesis) or from consuming other organisms.
Which of the following is consuming energy?
All living things have to reproduce to ensure the survival of their species.
Which of these show evidence of an organism reproducing?
All organisms must grow to survive. This may involve growing in size, changing over time or repairing and replacing damaged cells.
Which of the following are examples of organisms growing?
All organisms must produce waste.
This may be waste as a byproduct of consuming energy, or as a byproduct of cellular, growth, repair and reproduction.
Which of the following shows an organism producing waste?
This may be an immediate response or a response that takes place over generations
Which of the following pictures shows an organism, responding and adopting to changes in its environment?
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