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Katie Chmura

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Welcome!

HR Orientation

New Hire Paperwork
use your legal name (what is on your SSC)
use home address
Blue LE Folder
Left Side
For Starters...
Personal Information Form
Print Legibly $$$
EEO Compliance
Federal Tax Withholding
Worksheet in the middle of the form to help you determine your # of allowances
BOX 3 (single, married, married but withhold at a higher single rate)
Box 5 - # of allowances, should be a number
If you are claiming EXEMPT, do not complete Box 5
Box 6 – Any additional dollar amount you want withheld
Sign and date

State Tax Form
Personal information
Box 1 for allowances
Box 3 for any additional dollar amount
Personal information
Line 1
Line 2 for any additional amount
Personal information
I-9 Form
Complete Section 1 only (Page 7)
Please PRINT in all boxes
If female and married, write your maiden name in “maiden name” box.

Check a box for “I attest….”

Sign, date (using TODAY's date) and STOP!!

If you do not have the ID needed, we cannot process your I-9. You have 3 days from your hire date to produce acceptable documents.
If you were hired on a Monday, you will have until Wednesday to produce the acceptable documents
If you do not hand in acceptable documents by the third day of your employment you cannot return to work.

Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy
Please read this form completely

PRINT and sign your name along with today’s date on the last page

Hearst Credit Card Confidentiality Agreement
Addresses consumer credit card theft and bank fraud is on the rise
Consumers' information should be treated extremely cautiously
Read document then sign and date
Benefit Acknowledgment
KEEP your notice of COBRA Continuation Rights
Read it over at your convenience
Sign Benefit Acknowledgment stating you have received this packet

LE Blue Folder
Right Side
Offer Letter
Read over then sign and date
NYS Rate of Pay Notice
LE Information and your information
Sign and Date

Look Over...
Copy of your job description
Information on how you are paid
Directions for logging on to MyHearst
Direct Deposit Form
Fill out now or you can turn it in later
Company Intranet
Great source of information & tools for our employees
Employee Handbook for easy reference
Policy manuals for various business functions
Link to the PTO System for managing time-off from work
Employee benefit information
Career opportunity information

Schedule and Pay
Monday through Friday
(BUFF non-sales) 8:00AM – 4:30PM
(Sales) 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Includes a 1/2 hour lunch break and two 15 min breaks

Bi-weekly, paid every other Friday
Lag Payroll – hours are paid one week in arrears
Direct Deposit – Convenient and secure; up to three accounts
Pay stub available at www.MyHearst.com

Paid Time Off
Company Rules
Handbook Agreement
Employee Handbook is 85+ pages long
We will go over the highlights
After we discuss, please sign and date the Handbook Agreement
PTO System
On-line system to request and track time off
PTO system supports: Overtime, Vacation, Excused Absence, Tardiness, and other time off actions
Employee creates a Payroll Change Notice (PCN)
Manager receives email with “link” to approve
Each employee has a home page
Summarizes time available, taken & request status by category
Employee submits timesheet weekly
Sales- Input gas mileage
Vacation Time
Vacation is accrued on a monthly basis: although available all at once it is earned throughout the year. If you leave the company you will have to pay back any amount used but not yet earned
Vacation does not carry over to the next year
You may utilize your entire annual amount at any time
Requests required two weeks in advance
Approval based on business requirements
Two Weeks per year, prorated the first
Excused Absence
Excused Absence time is different from vacation in that it can be used without pre-approval for illness and emergencies. You may use it for any reason you wish, but please manage your EA Time to allow for your needs for the entire year.
Five Days/Year (Prorated in 1st Year of employment)
Can be used for any of life’s events
Illness (Your own or family member)
Events (Example: Child’s School Award Ceremony, etc.)
Emergencies (home, car, etc.)
Can be used in increments of 1 hour or greater
Required use for “call in”
Utilized for the waiting period for any short term disability
Attendance and Punctuality
Let’s be in the office ready to work at 8:00AM
Unexpected events can cause lateness
Up to four times is reasonable
Beyond this we use progressive steps of discipline
If > 15 minutes late, required use of Excused Absence time

Excessive Absence
Our sales success relies on supporting our customers
Absence reduces our ability to achieve goals
Excused Absence time provided for occasional absence
Absence beyond use of EA time is Excessive
Beyond this level we use Progressive steps
½ and 1 Unit increments based on time absent

Approved Time Off does not count toward progressive steps:
Excused Absence Time
Jury Duty
Military Leave
Short Term Disability
Worker’s Compensation
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Office closures due to inclement weather or other

Susan Ruhland
Corporate HR Manager

Code of Ethics
Respect for Others
Every interaction is based on dignity and respect for your fellow employee, vendor, customer
Business Conduct
Integrity is the hallmark of every interaction
Honesty in all actions and communications
Proprietary information protected

Anti-Harassment &Non- Discrimination Policy
The only physical contact that should occur between employees is a handshake.
We expect every employee to respect the dignity of each other, both by their words and actions, to conduct themselves accordingly.
Contact your supervisor or the HR department if you feel a violation of our policy has occurred.

Electronic Systems
Company systems exist solely for the purpose to conduct our business
Incidental and occasional personal use of Hearst Communication systems is permitted
(Before and after work hours and on breaks and lunch)
All applications (e-mail, text, social media, etc.) are considered company property
Any and all user-created files are considered Company property
We reserve the right to access, obtain, review, and delete all such applications and files
We intend to do so only when it has a business reason. Determining when such a business reason exists shall be at the company’s sole and absolute discretion.

We maintain a zero tolerance policy on substance abuse
Established as a condition of employment, re-employment and continued employment, a substance abuse-free workplace policy
As a condition of employment, all employees must abide by the terms of the Company’s Substance Abuse Policy.
Possession, use or sales of illegal drugs or alcohol in or on the company premises is prohibited at all times.

Network security and threat protection
Do not attach/plug in your own personal computer
All computers on our network are corporately owned and configured to reduce any potential security risks.

Email and Internet
E-mail/Internet is to be used for the administration of company business and should not be considered secure (company can view your email at its discretion).
Facilitates the transfer of information and to enhance communications within and outside the company in the course of conducting corporate business.
E-mail/Internet shall not be used for personal business, unauthorized or unlawful purposes, the sale of goods or services not associated with The Hearst Corporation, internal advertising, solicitation of relationships, or other organizations’ communications.
Some violations of the policy will receive more severe discipline such as final warning for a first offense for the following
Downloading of files or
Visiting websites that are considered illegal, immoral, and illicit or are Hate sites.

Substance Abuse Policy

We reserve the right to conduct alcohol & drug abuse testing of employees in accordance with applicable federal, state and local regulations.
The company may also require testing when reasonable suspicion exists
Any violations of this policy or failure to cooperate fully with any part of the testing program will result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal of employment
Employees found under the influence of alcohol or a control substance during work hours or immediately preceding their shift may be discharged.

Employer Property
All offices, storage areas, warehouses and related parking areas are the property of the Company, and are to be used by employees for work related activities only.

All equipment owned or leased by the Company are supplied for the use of the employees on Company property and for work related activities only.

Smoke Free Workplace
Prohibited in all company buildings.
Permitted outdoors on company grounds in designated areas.
Please be considerate to non-smokers and dispose of your cigarettes in the appropriate containers.

Dress Code
Questions concerning the Handbook?

SOX Requirement
Benefits Folder
Benefits Summary
Dental Insurance
Life Insurance & 401K
We have two FSA options
Health FSA and you are eligible after 6 months of service
Dependent Care FSA and you are eligible for that after the 59 days
The FSAs are pre-tax salary deductions for savings plans to use towards health or dependent care expenses
These plans run January thru December with a $500 roll over
These are also use it or lose it accounts
If you choose the FSA, there is a form for a debit card. You can use the card at the doctor’s office or pharmacy instead of fronting the money and waiting for a reimbursement
Short/Long Term Disability
Payments to employees after non-work related injury or illness
Review benefit summary for your state's specific eligibility requirements and benefit amounts
There is a waiting period
You are automatically enrolled, there is no action required

• Our medical insurance carrier is BlueCross BlueShield
Eligible for the medical plans the first of the month following 59 days of employment.
• This is a traditional insurance plan with deductible. Office visits are covered with co-pays; major services are subject to deductible and co-insurance. Prescriptions and vision coverage is also included.
• Preventative services are covered in full when using an in-network primary care physician. You must also name a PCP when turning in your enrollment forms.

Medical Insurance
Preventative Services
Annual physicals
Eye exams (once every 2 years)
Vaccinations like an annual flu shot
Women can have an annual visit with their gynecologist
Once you meet the age requirement, mammograms and colonoscopies are also covered as preventative care
Well and sick children (up to age 19) are covered in full at their PCP, with no co-pay

Co-pays and Deductibles
Visits with you PCP or a specialist are $30
ER is $150 after meeting the deductible
Urgent Care Centers are $50
The maximum annual deductibles are $500 single and $1,000 for multiple
Services that include deductibles are lab tests, x-rays, MRIs, outpatient surgery, ER visits, or going into the hospital
Co-pays do not count towards the deductible
The single deductible applies within the family
In other words, if one person reaches the $500, they switch to co-insurance even though the family as a whole has not reached the $1,000 max
After the deductible is met, there is 90% co-insurance, which means the insurance company pays 90% of the allowable charge.

Out of pocket maximum is $2,750 single, and $5,500 family. Worst case scenario, that is the most you will have to pay.

Co-pays and co-insurance count towards the out of pocket maximums but prescriptions do not.

2014 Prescription Drug Co-pays:
$10 – Formulary generic
$30 – Formulary brand
$100 – Non-Formulary

Mandatory Mail Order for maintenance prescriptions through Express Scripts. They will send you information about this program.

Prescription coverage is not subject to the in-network deductible.

Prescription costs do not count toward out of pocket maximum.

Holiday Schedule
New Years Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving- Thursday and Friday
Christmas Day

3 Floating Holidays
Give 2 weeks notice
Must take whole day
Pro-rated the first year

*Must work the scheduled day before and after the holiday to be paid for that holiday
Vacation and EA Time
Vacation - 2 weeks per year, pro-rated the first year

EA- 5 days per year, prorated the first year
Bereavement Pay
Company will pay up to three days off for the death of an immediate family member
Children and step children
Jury Duty
Show your jury duty summons to your manager

Company will pay up to 10 business days
In your folder...
Holiday Schedule

Core Life Insurance Form
• This is the company paid life insurance
• You must turn this form in with a beneficiary named

Supplemental Life Insurance Form
• Only have to turn this in if you want to elect it

FSA Form and Debit Card Form
• Only have to turn this in if you want to elect it

Information about the health insurance market place

Long Term Care Information
• Insurance is offered through Hearst by Prudential
• This is an insurance plan you pay into to pay for your future nursing home expenses

Ability Assist Counseling Services Provided by the Hartford

Travel Assistance Provided by the Hartford

Benefit Enrollment Form
• You must turn this form in whether or not you elect the benefits.
• If you waive the health insurance you must provide
a copy of your insurance card.

Military Leave
Vision Coverage
Routine vision exam every 2 yrs
Covered in Full
Discounts available on frames and lenses

Your coverage is different if you go out-of-network, plus the provider does not have to accept the “allowable charge” but can demand payment of the full bill.

Be pro-active: use www.bcbswny.com

• Our dental insurance provider is Metlife and you are eligible for the dental plan at the same time as the health insurance.
• This is a PPO plan for you and your family with an annual max benefit of $1,500 per participant.
• There is a $50 single or $100 family deductible for non-preventative care.

If you waive medical coverage, you can enroll in dental coverage at no cost to you!
Life Insurance
Core Life
Company paid life insurance
Administered through the Hartford
1x earnings coverage for each full time employee
Supplemental Life Insurance
Thank you!
Please turn in your enrollment forms and direct deposit forms through interoffice mail

Make sure you keep your personal information up to date on MyHearst.com


Susan Ruhland
X 80194
Additional insurance employees can purchase at group rates
Newly eligible employees receive a guaranteed issue amount of $150k
Must elect plan for yourself before adding your spouse or child
Company Match
Eligible after 1 year of employment
Company matches 50% of deferrals to a maximum of 3% of your earnings
Employer contributions are vested after 3 years of service
Enlisted employees will be granted an unpaid leave of absence and reinstatement rights
Preventative care is 100% covered in-network and out of network.
Preventative care includes cleanings twice a year, full mouth x-rays once every 3 years.

Basic services are also 100% (80% in TX) covered in-network and 80% covered out of network.
Basic services include cavity filled, tooth extractions, and root canals.

Major services are 80% (50% in TX) covered in-network and 60% (50% in TX) covered out of network.
Major services are crowns or bridges.

• You can set up a 401K plan right away with T. Rowe Price.
Account set up can take up to 3 weeks
You can defer from 1% to 50% of your compensation (pre-tax, bi weekly deductions)
• Employee contributions are 100% vested.
• Hearst Auto enrolls everyone at 2%.

Health FSA
• The Health FSA can be used to pay for co-pays, eye glasses, deductibles, or prescriptions.
Over the counter medications are not eligible.
You can contribute between $250 to $2,500 per year into your FSA account
The pre-tax contributions are taken out of your pay check in equal installments throughout the year.
You can access any portion of your elected participation at any point in the year.
Dependent Care FSA
The Dependent Care FSA can be used to pay for day-care expenses for children under 13 years of age, or other dependents who are physically or mentally disabled.
You can contribute between $500 and $5,000 per year
You can only access the amount that you have contributed to that point in the year.
Note: You cannot do the Dependent Care FSA and claim child care as a deduction on your taxes
Short Term Disability
Supplemental STD (Outside of TX)
You are eligible for the supplemental short term disability plan after 1 year of employment
The company supplements the Hartford STD up to an amount equal to 75% of regular gross weekly salary for the first 6 weeks of STD, after 6 weeks the Hartford plan will continue

Long Term
• Employees are eligible after 1 year of employment
• This is an income replacement in the event of long term or permanent disability

• The 180 day waiting period is when you would be taking advantage of the short term disability

• The long term disability is offset by social security disability.

Do not block entry ways, dumpsters, or fire lanes

There is an overflow lot across from JM
Sheridan- additional parking on the side streets behind the buildings
Consider carpooling!

Sales Documents
Non Compete Documents
Sign both, keep one copy for your records
Compensation Declaration
Your compensation plan
Responsiblity packet
Commitment to Excellence

Questions? Training will respond to your inquires during IST

Key Fobs
Key fobs are assigned
You are responsible for the fob given to you
Do not allow anyone else use your fob
If lost or stolen, let HR/facilities know immediately
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