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No description

Hannah Doren

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Benin

Double click anywhere & add an idea Benin Independence: August 1, 1960 from France 8,791,832 people
122,622 square miles
Capitol: Porto-Novo
Taken in 1996, this is a picture of Benin's high priest of voodoo
in Doutou, Benin RELIGION Christianity
Voodoo Mawu:
Creator Goddess
Old Mother who lives in the West
Creator God
Lives in the East
He partners with Mawu and they have children gods

Mawu and Lisa and paired with the sun and the moon Religion French Colony Name: Dahomey There is little conflict between religions
Worship ancestors
Death is considered an important family event
Most families have a fetish for prayers and sacrifices to the local gods Religion HISTORY Independent Kingdom for over 500 years
Ewuare the Great was the first Oba (king) in 1440 A.D.
He rebuilt the city after it was burned down and then with his army, he expanded Benin by at least 200 towns
Believed to be a magician and warrior
His people became very advanced with ivory and wood carvings, which were used in ceremonies
His descendants all became Obas as well and gained a lot more land for Benin
Under Oba Ehengbuda, Benin had a good trading friendship with Portugal that then failed when Portugal realized that Benin was not Christian and Portugal would not give them more guns for more slaves
Dutch came to Benin, attracted by their ivory, which attracted other European countries
After dealing with the British, their relationship failed and there were problems after the last Oba died
Generic royal image of an Oba Colors of flag:
Green=hope and revival
Yellow=country's wealth
Red=courage of ancestors CULTURE Beninese usually speak at least three local languages, although French is the official language
The basic daily meal in Benin is a spicy stew eaten with a stiff porridge
The largest single ethnic group in southern Benin is the Fon (47%)
Although the southerners may see the northerners as primitive, and the northerners may see the southerners as untrustworthy, they still get along to be one united Benin
Ceremonial masks and art are important
Adji (probability game) is popular
Inadequate supplies of water
Poaching threatens wildlife populations
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