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What is a School Counselor?

No description

Madeline Sells

on 4 September 2018

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Transcript of What is a School Counselor?

What is a School Counselor?
A School Counselor listens to you whenever you need someone to listen to a problem or your feelings
I will speak kind words, but I never repeat what you say unless you or someone else is being hurt or in danger.
What do I do at school:

Large group classroom counseling lessons.
Group counseling.
Individual planning, available to
students and their families, to manage their educational, personal, and career development.
Consultation with school staff, parents & guardian, and outside agencies.
Management activities that support the counseling program, school, and the staff.
My Pets
What I like to do:

My Goals:
To Support ALL students
Where I went to school
Miss Sells
In our session, we explore places you feel stuck or need help in. We will explore how these issues are impacting your learning, school, home, friendships, siblings, or anything else you need help with. Sessions are based on individual student needs. We will also meet to celebrate your successes.
6th Grade Activity:

Are you more of a mountain or more like the ocean?
How can you come see me?

I can help you in all these ways and many more.
Tell your teachers, parents, guardians, and grandparents if you want to come talk with me.
I'm always excited to see you!
I never get students in trouble; I try to help you solve your problems.
My job is to help ALL students.
Lunch buddies ~ Come have lunch with a school counselor.
We also have a referral box you can put a note in if you want to see us and we are not available.
What will we talk about?
Some motivation!!
I'm always looking to see how I can help students.
What school counseling is all about.
How to refer yourself to a school counselor.

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