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Discourse Analysis

No description

Sharaa Albogmii

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Discourse Analysis

Discourse Analysis
An example of genre network is when Abdulla asked Iqbal about his iqama, Iqama here is the genre network and the source is all of the government around the world. When Wajda asked Abdulla to search for Iqbal is an example of genre chain first, she asked someone to help her second, she went to the driver Iqbal neighborhood third, Wajda asked about her room in the house she found.
Speech Act
An example of a locutionary act is when Abdulla warn Wajda It's your war!. When Wajda started asking Iqbal about what he did is an example of illocutionary act. Iqbal back to his work is an example of perlocutionary act.
Direct and Indirect speech
when Fatima asked her friend about the nail polish "where is the nail polish?" and her friend answered her " I hide it under there the other day." This an example of direct speech. An example of in direct speech is in line 173 when Ms.Hussah asked " What are you doing here? Why were your hands under her skirt?" she meant that there is something bad the girls were doing.
is a course students are taking in PNU at college of languages and
translation. Discourse analysis means the study of spoken and written discourses.
Wajda Movie
an Arabic movie called " Wajda" . Wajda is a drama Saudi movie released in 2012 directed by Haifa Almansour. The movie's main idea is how women are growing in Saudi Arabia It shows us how environment can effect us and how men are thinking about women.
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