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LOEX 2013: Beyond the University Gates

No description

Jessica Lange

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of LOEX 2013: Beyond the University Gates

Beyond the University Gates:
Effective Methods for Teaching Career-Oriented IL Skills to Students in Professional Programs Katherine Hanz
Jessica Lange
jessica.lange@mcgill.ca "experience in applying the concepts and methods of marketing research to a real marketing research problem"
MRKT 451 assignment The company you’re investigating wants to launch the product below. They want to know:
who is their target market
what channels they should use to promote this item. Carder, L., Willingham, P., & Bibb, D. (2001). Case-based, problem-based learning: information literacy for the real world. Research Strategies, 18(3), 181-190.

Macklin, A. S. (2001). Integrating information literacy using problem-based learning. Reference Services Review, 29(4), 306-313. Present problem Students define information needed to solve problem. Librarian demonstrate resources Students work in groups to match resources with information needed. Students present solutions. Problem Based
Model Elements of a
good problem Relates to the real world Incorporates learning objectives Interesting or controversial Right answer?? Things to consider:
Class size
Computer availability
# of problems
Level of student
Library/resource familiarity MRKT 451 - Marketing Research
MGCR 352 prerequisite
Mandatory for marketing students Brenenson, S., Enger, K. B., Lenn, K., MacMillan, M., Meisart, M. F., Meserve, H., & Vella, S. A. (2002). Problem-based learning: evolving strategies and conversations for library instruction. Reference Services Review, 30(4), 355-358. ACRL's Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education

Standard One: "The information literate students determines the nature and extent of the information needed."

Standard Three: "The information literate student evaluates information and its sources critically and incorporated selected information into his or her knowledge base and value system." Standard Two: "The information literate student accesses needed information effectively and efficiently." Group activity
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